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styles - use zq7ZELgQg
skin set - FaWpm5Xwx
unlock heroes - rxrlVkg5g
off ads - hBkHaVjyh
cash - UAOLVrJSz
battle pass - mhGgh4Kac
vip status - fh4lkDnm0
double privilege - QFZ4rM3eX
increase attack speed - g4RMkfqNK
damage x200% - PWjEMTxFu
admin panel - WpNbHSbCc
shield - 99wD135tX
gems - 1I989qLSf
exclusive pack - jG6Fq2G6c

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Game story

Characters: Titus - the champion of Gorath: a twin blades expert of unwavering determination, dedicating his life to protecting innocents and all mankind. Titus is a well rounded melee character with a fast and high damaging combo chain that can be used to intercept opponents or get out of tricky situations.
Briar - the mysterious lady of Rimoah swamp: often, elusive, her presence in the Arch war is a sign that there is an even greater danger lurking in the shadows. Briar is a conjurer of dreams and nightmares. She is best when undisturbed in the background, summoning shadow bats and sending enemies flying through the air with her dark magic.
Devon - the sorceror of fire and ice: Devon is a master magician who fused his soul with the elements of fire and ice in his pursuit for ultimate power. Because of this he has an unpredictable temperament, shifting from cool to hot and back in a matter of seconds. On the battlefield, Devon can unlease swrams of fire energy cna create barriers of fire energy and create barriers made of ice to protect himself. While he has low constitution, the question is whether anyone ca even approach him to cause him harm.
Rina - was born eldest child to the great dynasty of Chakrya. Groomed for the throne, she was trained in the sacred arts of the Chakryan discs. It was an art she cultivated, and one ultimately led to her martial awakening forsaking her throne for a life of cultivation and helping the poor, much to her family's disapproval. When the Archwar began, she witnessed the aftermath of villages and towns caught in the crossfire and vowed to save as many lives possible. Using her talents with the Chakryan, she charges head long into battle to create space for her allies with a prayer that her efforts will help end the war sooner.

Archwar Heroes And Demons Hack Basics trucos

Briar > Normal attack: default - shoots a trusty swamp bat at enemies over long distance. Chain - summons foul winds that send enemies flying. Chain 2 - summons a giant thundercloud that blast enemies in a line. Parting gift - dash back leaving behind a small damaging thundercloud.
Devon > normal attack: default - cast a fireball that leaves burning areas. Chain 1 - shoots up to 6 ice shards in a spread. Chain 2 - traps enemies from moving in a prison of ice. Chain 3 - summon a giant meteor that leaves a large area burning. Portal of healing - creates a ealing area for a brief moment.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - D5JK7vQQH
level up - ZrocRsHWJ
daily pack - enter pass qVsdr1p1H
admin account - H9zxVIY65
Month Card x1 - pjA05uL0y
booster pack - WwQFDLHkk
evolve - CCdJATmGS
enhance - CCdJATmGS
Titus > normal attack: default - a savage strike while moving forwards. Chain 1 - strike upwards and sends enemies into the air. Chair 2 - dives down and bombs a small around. Chain 3 - quick penetrating strike that lunges a long distance. Ligtning step - leaps into the air quickly to evade attacks.
Rina > normal attack> default - weak melee distance area of effect attack. Chain 1 - area of effect attack that launches enemies into the air. Chain 2 - cone area blast with severe damage. Chain 3 - powerful swing that launches a single enemy aside. Steel nerves - increases armor around her and launches forwards.

Archwar Heroes And Demons Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Collect aether gems. Bring gems back your base. First team to 5 gems wins. KO enemies or attack their portal to seal gems back. Enemies drop gems they're carrying when you defeat them.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: styles, skin set, unlock heroes, cash, battle pass, vip status, double privilege, increase attack speed, damage x200%, shield, admin panel, secret combination
3. Collect and upgrade a variety of Champions with powerful attack combos, special abilities, and desperation attacks! Level them up and collect unique skins.

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