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Game story

To win you need to get more stars than your opponent. You can get stars by destroying your opponent's side towers. When you destroy the enemy hero, you immediately receive the third star and the battle ends. Teleporting troops to the arean requires energy. To teleport the required squad into battle, you need to select it. And move onto the arena. All selected units/perks will be used in the available points you select. After activation, units head toward the side towers or to the nearest priority target.

Arena Galaxy Control Hack Basics trucos

Your hero enters the battle and you can have control over your hero after its activation. It activates automatically after one of your side towers was destroyed or your hero takes any damage. Additionally, you can activate it for energy. You can order your hero where to go. Every unit has an ability which can be used in battles.

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As a reward for victories in battles you may receive containers with cards packs. Every 4 hours we get new free containers from the arena command station. Units: Seeres - this soldier can control energy spheres and is always on guard. Perfect against any tiny targets. Hornets - these little guys are deadly as long as nobody is paying attention to them. Wasp - don't let the build quality scare you: this is the time when quantity is more important. Hawks - they always walk in pairs, and they like to play basketball in their free time.

Arena Galaxy Control Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Fill your deck with cards to participate in online battles. Cards can be upgraded when you collect enough of them.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Arena Galaxy Control cheat code - give: minerals, premium container, legendary cards, wasp pack, crystals, open now, off ads, gold coins
3. Combine the parts of the hero so that you get the optimal set of characteristics. Pass training in academy and get rewards and watch the most interesting battles on galaxy tv.

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