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wood - use EVXNqNJ6P
off ads - SCATzARJy
secret combination - 90faZo4eG
gold coins - xpGu8cPTq
double rewards - kJrefi2dF
gems - kU6IkgmIi
game speed x10 - IhL26ECR6
pet - GbNHm1WbC
starter package - GbNHm1WbC
admin panel - OL7byqcz0
materials - 3D3GpZoiW
explore - use kjcVYv0qD
action points - H7Wzn6ugZ
promote - use woYIDFN7t

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Game story

After finally regaining consciousness, captain Jack finds himself surrounded by ocean. Captain glances around. An image flashes in his mind: he had just sailed the Pearl back to port when a humongous tsunami wave hit. All that was left on the people's faces was disbelief as the water swallowed everything. Better get this ship fixed as quickly as you can. You've got to find the Pearl and mates! Let's open the building list. Let's build a plank first. What's that floating there on the water, wood? Click on it to fetch it. Might be good for fixing this up! With this wood, you'll be able to build more things.

Arkcraft Idle Adventure Hack Basics trucos

The apple tree is slow at producing wood and food, let's level it up! Now that our wood and food sources are taken care of, let's continue fixing the ship. Enter clSSSvyvM - you've got a new member. Now the collection and building process will be more efficient. Vegetable field - provides the supplies for survival. We still have to eat vegetables even at sea. Storage - upgrade wood storage for both storage and stairs.

enter cheat (Arkcraft Idle Adventure gift codes):
upgrade trucos - XHmj8g1x3
level up - SsoW25zP5
daily pack - enter pass C7ERFFy4D
admin account - JtUm4DlvI
Month Card x1 - ne5UjNEsG
booster pack - cJFw9LCP6
evolve - qi3nVy0zl
enhance - iD1tw5Gty
Not bad, even you can build a storage when push comes to shove. Now we can keep things in the storage. You can check the backpack for the resources and equipment that you own. You see the chests that float by on the water? Why don't you check it for any valuable resources? Wooden crates appear from time to time on the water. click it to watch and ad and get a lot of wood! The first one will be ad free.

Arkcraft Idle Adventure Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Exploration - now that we have the steering wheel, we can explore the next island, but before that we need to form an expedition team.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: wood, of ads, gold coins, gems, game speed x10, pet, materials, explore, action points, promote
3. Building and leveling up your expedition vessel can increase the limit of your battle squad.
4. Upon victory we received a bunch of equipment. Let's distribute them to the crew.

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