Cheats hack Artesnaut Idle Fantasy RPG code:Mark of the Gold Lion, Hailer of the Sapphire Sparrow, Ice Crystal Hourglass Artesnaut Idle Fantasy RPG Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Mark of the Gold Lion - use hack vFJjf57fd
daily pack - enter pass lQ5Lc9Lmk
Hailer of the Sapphire Sparrow - LFEKADnzV
Ice Crystal Hourglass - wF9E1Wv14
booster pack - MhtPIk3U2
Mark of the Ruby Lion - OfNz1yGvd
Month Card x1 - VZZO5ya5R
Quill of the Rainbow Songbird - BXICCJeFK
daily gift bag x10 - ZIT77aQzs
Stardust - njSyK3N5r
weapon box - H7UVpLCnF
Extradimensional Scale - opqJfhIVX
upgrade - dYgOAR7AR
level up - aVNaC9bVB

Artesnaut Idle Fantasy RPG use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

In this game, you'll progress through the game by reading the adventure unfold through the main and side stories, then watching your characters explore the world through dungeon expeditions. Battles and dungeon exploration are handed automatically, leaving you free to check in periodically to see the party's progress and what rare loot they found. Go ahead and start your first adventure by tapping the main button. Enable notifications when asked on the next screen to be informed when your party's expedition is finished. Recruiting allies: create characters the way you want by editing their race, job, and epithet. Up to 5 units can be in your active party. Try out creating four new allies for starters.

Artesnaut Idle Fantasy RPG Hack Basics

Party organization: you can change the order of your party by selecting characters and tapping to place them in the desired position. Your party can have a maximum of five members. The order of your party cannot be changed while an expedition is ongoing. Distance makes foes more difficult to hit, so those closes to the front will have an easier time landing blows. The higher a unit's Enmity stat, the more likely they will be targeted by an enemy. Positioning in battle will affect Enmity, as party members closer to the front will hold an enemy's attention and be targeted more often.

Hint & Tips

Enemies also have a higher chance of landing blows the closer a unit is to the front. Smart use of items and skills will allow you to wield this stat to your advantage.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: Mark of the Gold Lion, Hailer of the Sapphire Sparrow, Ice Crystal Hourglass, Stardust, Mark of the Ruby Lion, Quill of the Rainbow Songbird, Extradimensional Scale
3. Text based idle rpg. Creat your own character, select their race, job and skills. Rich, story-driven narratives. Rated highly by 93% of uses. Build your party, strategize to survive deadly dungeons. Dive deep with lore for every dungeon.

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Artesnaut Idle Fantasy RPG Redeem code - premium gift box

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