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Game story

Your gal is to destroy your enemy's ancient, and protect your own. Heroes are powerful units capable of casting spells and equipping items. Drag hero onto the board to deploy it. Sword - this is the hero's attack. Heart - this is the unit's health. During the combat phase, the hero will battle whatever its target is. In this case, that's the enemy ancient. Your character will do 5 damage, destroying the enemy and winning the match. Hit the pass button to initiate the combat phase. Drag your soldier to the slot in front of the enemy hero to block it. Melee creeps will auto deploy to the first empty spot every round. These units will fight each other during the combat phase, so neither ancient will take damage. Both cards will be destroyed during combat because the heroes are unblocked. This will result in a tie! but you can still win. Your hand - it holds cards that you can play during the action phase. You'll draw new cards every round. Playing cards uses mana. Drag it onto the target to cast it.

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Killing enemies earns gold: 1 - for creeps; 5 - gold heroes. You'll get access to the shop after each round. here you can buy items for your heroes to equip. If you defeated the enemy hero last round, you'll have enough gold to buy the dagger. Drag the dagger onto your hero to equip it. Heroes and non-item cards come in 4 colors. If there's no hero matching a card\s color, it can't be played. Unit enchantments are permanent effects placed on heroes or creeps. Enhancement - a permanent effect that attaches to a tower, caster, or unit. Can be dispelled by another effect.

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So far your battlefield has involved just one lane, but the tale of the eternal battle between dire and radiant requires three lanes. More lanes means more heroes to deploy. Center lane is deployed simultaneously - neither player knows their opponent's position. Choose any unit and drag it to one of the highlighted slot. The second soldier is deployed to opposite sides. The third hero is deployed with full knowledge of your opponent's position in the lane.

Artifact Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The first tower destroyed will expose the enemy ancient. After that, you can either win by destroying another tower or by destroying the newly exposed ancient.
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3. The order in which combat takes place across lanes switches every round. So the next combat phase will start in lane 3 and end at lane 1.

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