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advanced summon - use l9eGZGBIT
artifact - shNq8p2Uo
secret combination - BxXtyRBR4
rune - bXrfpbOQy
double rewards - doZpVI7VD
SSR hero - NloYXjN78
off ads - trXZBpumo
free spin astrolable - wQ4YH2buH
shards - mzrOUu325
admin panel - 92aOjOnAh
gold - ZazhtNGPN
diamonds - use ZazhtNGPN
enhance - k9QkkvYmS

Ascension League use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to the ascension realm. My name is Cheat-on. I am the 'spirit of the astrolable' and the 'key' to the astrolabe of Truth. Please save this ravaged land from the forces of darkness. I will assist you on our journey. The archangel Lucifer has started a rebellion. He will take over this world if we do not act now. Please help us to save this land. That is the 'tree of heart'. The vortex of the center can lead you to the continents of this realm (main campaign). We can go there when you are ready! Shield of sky - they are sentinels guarding the sanctuary. Let's bring them under control before more enemies find us.

Ascension League Hack Basics trucos

Hero's energy is full. Tap on icon to use the ultimate. Auto - tap to activate all heroes' ultimate automatically. Tap or hold the level up button to level up the hero. We found an artifact and runes in the loot. Hodur is our main damage dealer. Equip him with an artifact and runes to unleash more power. Every hero can equip up to 3 runes in different positions. Equipping 3 runes of the same element activates a power known as elemental resonance. Tap the equip all button to equip runes with the highest combat power.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - euI68CduC
level up - 6ciAcLMBa
daily pack - enter pass s5yH9l2vO
admin account - Al7LT5Wsx
Month Card x1 - GhRrgMmho
booster pack - I5DlnM9ly
evolve - 3Y2ZlXu0y
enhance - jGZQBfocy
Aut assault allows you to callenge the next level automatically.Drag the hero horizontally to switch from an offensive formation to defensive formation. tactical advantage allows for extra damage when attacking heroes from a tactically vulnerable faction. Tactical advantage - a hero receives an attack bonus of 25% while attacking an enemy hero in a tactically vulnerably faction. Those belonging to two factions can potentially stack this effect. Ur - those belonging to two factions can potentially stack this effect. Bosses do not belong to any faction.

Ascension League Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The summoner sanctum has been rebuilt. Now, we can summon new heroes. The astrolable of truth harbors the essence of the universe. As it spins, we will gain infinite treasure, power and knowledge. Tpa on the astrolable to spin it instantly witha gear of time.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: advanced summon, artifact, rune, SSR hero, free spin astrolable, shards, gold, diamonds, SSR heroes, enhance
3. After one spin, the lost where the pointer stops at is lit up. Rewards or skill charge ups are possible depending on which slot it is. Tap the astrolable and see what you get. When all the slots on the outer rim are lit up, the astrolable switches to spin the inner rim. All of the rewards will be stored on the treasure pile.
4. The astrolable spins automatically even when you are offline. Claim the rewards stored on the treasure pile the next time you log in.
5. Hero duplicates can be used for hero ascension and enhancement.

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