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Astracraft use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Basic controls: follow the guide to learn how to create an ARMS, move, rotate the camera, and use skills. Modify - tap to select cube (class 1 basic module. Connects care to other modules. Required for all assemblies). Saunter (mechapod) - typically installed on the sides to assist with movement and turning. Turn left by dragging the screen. Push the joystick to move forward. Drag the screen to rotate the camera. Use modify to equip the gatling gun - continuously fires in the aimed direction after a brief warm-up.

Astracraft Hack Basics

Rotate the camera to adjust the direction you are facing. Defeat the star destroyer. Don't forget to share your wonderful video with your friends. Parts: hopper - a core that moves using a mechacrus. It has the ability to jump. Leaper - typically installed on the sides to assist with movement and turning. Balista - large caliber sniper cannon. Has a lengthy reload time after firing. Great for shooting. D-school revolver - fires large caliber shells at the target that explode on impact. Private 1st class - automatically searches for and attacks surrounding enemies.

Hint & Tips

1.When stuck, you can tap "get unstuck" in settings. We will continue sharing the lasts game info on our official social media. If you have any thoughts and suggestions on the game, you can send us a feedback on the official platforms.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give:season pass, gold, crystal, star coins, chip, elite pass, vim, premium module skin, shield module, paint set, avatar, orange module, draw x10, theme supplies, fragments, special chest
3. You need to stay active, otherwise you won't get any rewards from the game.
4. Multiplayer racing - all race cars will begin at the same starting point, go through each checkpoint in order to reach the finish line, and use the rankings to prove your speed and glory! You can travle to infinity by collecting fuel, or blast through your opponents by collecting ammo boxes.

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