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restore HP - use YepffPqra
shield - 0D5gH7yZI
secret combination - Lax6A51Xc
repair - Evatm4Dep
double rewards - Ajo47xy3J
battery - aWDmj4CNt
legendary skin - r8E6aCvz1
gems - USJe3YE2r
increase stats - gWPODX1SD
admin panel - Xj4zjNFuz
unlimited energy - o66AwgTr3
weapons - use tfMgWHPvG
Starter Pack - dxZwEhwmv
devices - Lu8e6ETuT
ships - lhiveZTSC

HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hey, here you are! The main goal in the battle is to pick up an enemy flag and bring it to your base. For started, learn how to move. In the left bottom corner you see joystick, try to move it up. Now move your finger across the screen and look around. You need to find enemy flag and capture it. Move along markers on the ground. You see enemy hero in front of you. Attack him with a button in the right bottom corner. Great job! not it is high time to pick up the flag and bring it to your base. Bring the flag to your base and you will gain a win point. You captured enemy flag and won the battle. It is time to try yourself in the real competition!

ASTRO AQUA KITTY Hack Basics trucos

Characters: heavy pilot - tough kitty, slow moving but packing extra armor. Scout - fast and agile but at the cost of a slightly lower health. Chaos - smart and unpredictable, her fast energy recharge suits heavy weapons. Fighter - experienced veteran with an aggressive set of skills. Repair engineer - skilled mechanic, specialising in all things repair related. Defence engineer - an expert in protective measures who also likes to work out. Gadget engineer - a good all rounder with an array of useful technical skills. Energy engineer - an excitable pup who will give a boost to your energy requirements.

enter cheat (ASTRO AQUA KITTY gift codes):
upgrade trucos - OjlQxgPml
level up - 6rLiMFBU7
daily pack - enter pass G1tgnql20
admin account - LBqkCWMMz
Month Card x1 - qpkG9Q1WP
booster pack - 1sITO5U8W
evolve - Vbn4CMfwq
enhance - j8WMkMaW8
Game mode - normal: when you die you can restart from where you last saved. Permadeath - you have only 1 life, so if you die you must start a new game. Ok - let's get straight to the biscuits. HQ says our next job is in this system's asteroid belt. Our probes have detected vast volumes of liquid water within the large rocks. Curious energy readings suggest a high density of raw power gems and crystals to be mined. An advance crew has already begun setup and test drilling at the dropsite. We will land there and explore through these rock chunks - one at a time. Thankfully there are no black holes or suspicious alien distress signals nearby. This job should be a cakewalk.

ASTRO AQUA KITTY Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Try blasting these rocks. They sometimes drop raw gems which can be collected and traded. Also shoot that orange supply crate, they always drop a weapon or device which you can collect.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, restore HP, shield, gems, repair, battery, increase stats, unlimited energy, weapons, devices, ships, starter pack
3. Inventory - here you can equip your new weapon into your second weapon slot. When docked you can access the beacon shop and buy ship upgrades via your inventory screen. Ok, last thing to do is to check saving your progress. Exit your inventory then press ZR at the beacon to save.
4. Base of operations - as commander you can update unit on important matters such as mission status and snack inventory levels.

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