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Astrogon Space arcade use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Tap to jump left/right. You can make a small jump from a corner. Avoid red platforms when you are blue. Avoid blue platforms when you are red. Some power-ups change your color. While being purple you can touch any block, gravity decreases, and you can double jump (duration: 8 seconds). Green power ups give you an extra jump.

Astrogon Space arcade Hack Basics

Avoid the opposite color to stay alive, jump from wall to wall and obstacle to obstacle, until you find the exit to get teleported to the next level. Collect as many stars as possible and try to beat all the time records to become the master of the game. Try to conquer level after level, dimension after dimension, with patience, dexterity, and intelligence.

Hint & Tips

1. Don't touch the other color, create your own levels, amazing skills required to survive, intuitive gameplay, obtain skins with special effects, play community levels and watch replays.
2. Use cheat code, and give: stars, off ads, creative mode, extra jump, booster pack, squarigon, fractal, neoskin, special effects, aura, premium

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