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Turn order is determined by Speed...Check the icons shown in the top left corner! You can use this button in the top right corner to fast forward battles. Use it when you're in a hurry! Battle: You can see which character will act next by looking at the icons in the top left corner! You can speed up battles by tapping the button in the top right corner! Defeat the Wolf in the woods and get a "Beast Skin". Some characters can use items automatically during battle. Check the bag icons in the top left corner for the number of items that can be used

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You can cast a skill when the Skill Gauge is full. The more skills chained together, the more powerful the skill effect will be! Release another skill before the Chain gauge disappeares to active the Skill Chain. Change your strategy and give orders to your characters! Sometimes feeling battle is also an option! Escape: cannot be used at the beggining of the battle. Battle: choose a battle style

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I guess you don't need me to explain to you that item synthesis requires the use of an "alchemical cauldron". To start, open synthesis recipes using the menu. About your earlier assignment, Anise Hyssop healed you, right? You were lucky. It's good to have a reliable friend with you. You should also make sure you know how to synthesize vulneraries. To synthesize the vulnerary Healing Salve, you need Morning Dew. Drops and Health Grass. Health Grass is a kind of grass taht grows all over the island. Morning Dew Drops is a rare material that can only be gathered at dawn Whenever you spot something gleaming in the grass, go gather it. Put these ingredients in the cauldron, and then you can synthesizing. You can make various items and weapons using synthesis!

Atelier Online Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can find a variety of quests on the board, including commissions and assignments. Let's beginwith the quests that match your strength After you complete quests, you can get rewards!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Atelier Online cheat code - give: ethers, items, gear, 10x gacha, coles, ryza credit, legendary characters, candy, material, celebration pack, lucky box, synthesis, explore, exclusive outfit, wings, treasure
3. Only 1 Side Quest can be accepted at hte same time. Key Quests, that are prerequisites for the Main Quest, should be prioritized.
4. Then set them up in the "Combat items". Look carefully at the top left. There are two categories, Manual and Auto. 1. Manual items can be used freely in battles 2. In battle, there is a chance taht auto items will be activated only when characters who have auto item ability are present. For now, equip an item in the Manual slot. You can use it at any time during battle. First tap on empty item slot. Sensei gave you a "Healing Salve" and a "Puni ball", right? Puni ball is an Attack item. When used in battle, it can deal damage to enemies . It will come in handy whenever you cannot damage the enemy or your skills are unavailable. Easy to make yet very useful, Puni ball is aming the first items to be synthesized when you have enough ingredients.
5. Set combat items from the party setup screen! Set up the manual items to gain more advantages in battles! Set up the auto items which will be used automatically! You can also use items manually durint battle! Recovery items like the Healing Salve can also be made available in the Manual slot.
6. Only 1 Character Quest can be accepted at the same time. You need to own the character first to challenge their quests
7. Cooperate with other players to challenge strong enemies and quests! In Multi Mode, you can ccoperate with other players to fight monsters. The leader of your party can participate in the cooperative battles. Beat enemies with up to 8 characters
8. Different characters can be equipped with different types of weapons. You can change gear by tapping on it. Changes of decorative gear will be reflected on characters' appearance. The gear will grow more powerful if you increase its level! Besides, you can [Break Through] a gear by consuming a same gear.
9. You can dispatch up to 5 characters to search for items. Different exploration destinations have different requirements and provide different bonuses. The number of reward items depends on the exploration result.

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