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Game story

Well, i was just about to start class. You dare to be late, are you not afraid of consequences. Now that you are in second grade, you are a bit too lax, aren't you? You are only an 'apprentice' alchemist, right? Let me test your skills. Today's lesson focuses on gathering and synthesis. The 'alchemy' you are studying allows its users to create new things by spending mana to alter substances. Some say it is the 'art of affinity', which is able to connect ingredients. However, we will not go into this for the time being. The quality of the synthesized, is greatly influenced by the quality of the ingredients. In other words, the key to alchemy lies in the choice of ingredients. And, how to gain these ingredients, is what i want to teach you today: gathering.

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Ahem...its time for you to practice. First of all, you will gather some 'uni'. Touch the screen with your finger an slide along the screen to move. Touch anywhere on the screen with your finger, then slide your finger to move in the corresponding direction. The controls can be changed in the settings. Battle turns are in order of speed. You should confirm the icons on the top left corner. The button on the top right corner allows you to fast forward battles, use it f you are in a hurry. You can check the characters of next actions from the icons on the top left corner. You can speed up battles by tapping the button on the top right corner.

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Display of items owned! Some characters can use items automatically during battles. Check the bag icons on top left corner for the number of items that can be used. You can rlease a skill when the skill gauge is full. The more the skills are chained the more powerful the skill effect. Release another skill before chain gauge disappears to active the skill chain. When you want to change the battle style. Change the strategy and give instructions to the characters! Sometimes escape is also a strategy.

Atelier Online Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. To synthesize the vulnerary healing salve, you need morning dew drops and heath grasses. Heath grass is a kind of grass that grows all over the island. Morning dew drop is a rare material that cna only be gathered during dawn. As long as you spot something gleaming in the grass, go and gather it. Put these ingredients in the cauldron, then you can start synthesizing. You can make various items and weapons by synthesis.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: ethers, items, time space rift, gacha, legendary gear, coles, cole, materials, activity, treasure chest, vip status
3. Use coles to draw characters and gears. You can choose to claim the gear directly or claim the materials it's converted into. Claim gears as you first play! After you get familiar with the gameplay, claim material and build your own traits.
4. You can find a variety of quests on the board, including commissions and assignments. Try the quests that you think you can accomplish.After you complete quests, you can get rewards.

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