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Game story

Hello young adventurer! I've been watching you closely on the ship and i noticed that you're here to train in order to become a guardian. These islands are full of treasures, but also infested with hostile creatures. There is a rumor going around about an unknown dark force corrupting all living creatures and turning them against our people. Many travelers like you arrive here to get extensive training. These travelers also help the local people with dangerous missions, thereby gaining valuable experience. DO you know what kind of guardian you want to be? Since you're a beginner, you cannot equip more than one weapon at the same time; however, you could start practicing with one weapon now.

Auria The Path of the Guardians Hack Basics

There are three fundamental combat styles. Distance, which is associated with dexterity. Melee, associated with strength and magical, associated with your magic evolution. You are free to make your choice. You can develop one or even the three styles. The more you train in one of these styles, the greater your abilities will become. You can also develop your combat abilities, but if you wish, you can train in all three styles at the same time. Once you arrived to the village find a merchant and buy a weapon. Quests - here you can see the progress of the actual missions and the state of your current life, mana and experience. Right side - here you can access the different character windows. You can also access the battle skills and current state of your quests.

Hint & Tips

1. Skills - in the statistics window you can improve the attributes of your character and see their progress. In the skill window you can find the abilities of the three classes available to the player. You can choose one or more than one at the same time. In order to unlock new skills you must spend mastering points first. The more points you have, the stronger your character will be. In the lower right panel you will find a quick access for the three skills you want to use in combat
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: skill points, legendary weapon, premium gear, gold coins, gems, materials, platinum chest, honor, reputation, level up, evolve
3. Inventory - these slots shows your equipped weapons. To show the weapon's attributes only touch the slot, double touch on the slot if you want to unequip the weapon and put it into the inventory. In the panel you can select the weapons you want to buy, observe their statistics and equip or drop them.
4. In the potions panel you can store all the potions you buy or find. Clicking them will create a shortcut on the game screen.
5. If you are in trouble you can buy the best weapons for your level in the guild's remove market. In the guild's remote market, you can get the best weapons for your level but you need to have guild's coins. You can buy guild's coins through the guild bank.

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