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gems - use HmTqndDMR
enhance - cddKT6Lxl
secret combination - xdQmTFVth
evolve - PP6hH9ixB
double rewards - XEPPCUmG9
materials - jalrTuDbF
off ad - Gqsohkslk
raid roll - P8dUx11ZB
speed up - zWUs1NYBq
admin panel - bcLcoePHi
swords - ErZ3bBh56
summon x 10 - use 6aXXyl2Ui
daily special offer - 04uKrT0pM
legendary hero - use zHPegyRPa
rare gear - nwRYH92Nb
gold - n0XrX9gn4
artifact - use fUhcK0Wwt
crystal - 3m42sFD2Q

Awaken 3Q use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Do you see me now? I've been calling you for quite some time. How wonderful it is to see you, warlord of dragons! I'm your cute little guide. Unlike in the past, the evil black dragon tried to open the underworld gate right here in this dimension. We've stopped him, but the holy grail has been destroyed, and its shards have been scatterd across the world. It will infect the world with its evil powers. That's why we've been looking for you, the one who bears the power of the dragon. Dragon blood runs in your veins. Please find the shards with us.

Awaken 3Q Hack Basics trucos

Mode: mission- start campaign beginning of the lord journey with the heroes. Day dungeon - receive various evolution materials every day. Event dungeon - receive event items and rewards with event dungeons. Elite dungeon - retrieve the legendary items from the powerful enemies. Event conquest - fight with different conditions for each event.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Wdy6u5hmO
level up - qW4ok1xt8
daily pack - enter pass AaI6WvwMt
admin account - NWfwpgCdz
Month Card x1 - nB3Vhw92L
booster pack - P8TP9Kb8N
evolve - uv62Unbui
enhance - 7rqp6MR0s
If you assign any two heroes tied with fate, you will activate their set skills, remember! We don't know what our enemies will do, so we must prepare ur own tactics. I'll show you how you could set up the tactics. Tap the tactic icon, select a support, tap the mission button. Attack first to win! Shall we use the tactics? Using tactics requires the tactics gauge. You can fill up the gauge by attacking or by using skills. Superior enhancers fill more gauge than do basic enhancers. If the hero and the enhancer share the same attribute, the hero will gain extra bonus. When you evolve a unit, the hero will gain another star. In roder to evolve a hero, the character must have maximum levels and enhancements levels and the two heroes merging must be of the same grades. And, of course, evolved heroes will have their levels and enhancement levels reset.

Awaken 3Q Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If 25 players check-in in clan, you'll able to receive a ton of hero swords.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, enhance, evolve, materials, raid roll, swords, summon x 10, legendary hero, rare gear, gold coins
3. Emperor tokens gained by clans activities cna be used in clan store.
4. When you level up castle in territory, you get a powerful buff. But, you must obtain the dragon essence of another lord by looting.
5. Characters can grow more powerful by leveling up or enhancing them.
6. If you have any questions, tap the question mark.
7. You can evolve based on your character. To evolve, you need to level up and enhance +5, and you need the same grade element. Enhancers and other materials can be exchanged with higher quality materials with special crafting.

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