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Awaken Demons starter package - Efdv8BCFf
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essence - use d93AjtMZ6
premium contract - 1uxoxQ8QD
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awakening stone - use dMTikStoR

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Awaken Demons Game story

The devidom is in chaos, waiting for a real lord to end this catastrophe that lasted for thousand of years. My lord, thousand of years have passed, you finally woke up. Let me take a good look at you first. Please select the master you possess:1. Known yourself and the enemy, this time i will show them the real art of war. 2. One day, my fire f revenge will make them pay. 3. The power of magic is fascinating, i will find more powerful energy. The devidom is full of heroes, and the fate of the demon race depends on you. Only you can activate the power of the temple, now try to activate the altar of summoning.

Awaken Demons Hack Basics trucos

Hero will automatically attack the enemy after you deploy them. Keep summoning more demons. You can merge two units of the same level. After merging, higher level demons will be obtained. The higher the level f the character, the more powerful it is. Deploy stronger demons to increase the combat power. Complete the quests inside to get rewards, remember to check it out. You can claim a random ssr demon after completing quests.

enter cheat (Awaken Demons gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Xou1rcthk
level up - GMWXykaR6
daily pack - enter pass yrJuS95Bj
admin account - y5iDhgMpw
Month Card x1 - Pf2goH29j
booster pack - BSMbBgThU
evolve - L6xswfQJ5
enhance - 1vHMhexyn
Aha, the demons are not enough, aren't they? You used to use the ancient magic to activate the demon blood. Speed up - now you can summon demons faster. Now let's take a look at the lord's contract. Upgrading the contract level requires to cost merging essences or diamonds, which is a piece of cake for you.

Awaken Demons Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. After defeating the enemy, you can unlock a new battle slot, let's unlock it now. Now you may deployed the new servants, and dispatch them quickly.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Awaken Demons cheat code - give: ssr demon, research, artifact, speed up, auto merge, essence, diamonds, premium contract, unlock slot, awakening stone
3. Legendary demon egg - according to legend, there is only a very low rate to get it when summoning and merging demons. After hatching, you cna get mysterious power.
4. There are more and more units that need to be summoned, you need to find a way to summon them more easily. Treasure can help you automatically merge heros, and now your hands are finally free.

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Awaken Demons Redeem code - premium gift box 09.06.2021

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