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Game story

I accidentally woke up a sea monster! You'll be in danger if you don't run away quickly. If you want to run away quickly, you have to avoid obstacles. I've got to check that the submarine is working well. Touch and hold, the submarine will go up. Take your finger off the screen. The submarine will go down. Control the ship to earn coins. You can use fever if you eat a lot of coins. Fever is essential for moving fast! But it's still not enough! You've got to rescue your friends trapped in water droplets and recharge your fever. Fever lets you move at a tremendous speed, so it's essential for running away.

Baby Shark Run Away Hack Basics

The submarine can't last very long here because the water pressure here is too high. You have to reach a place with lower water pressure within the time shown below. You'll find various items as you move along. Items are very helpful, so don't miss out on them! There are various items other then magnets. There's Dash, which allows you to move fast, coin party - which gives you a ton of coins, and a clock that adds more time, and so on. Do you see the multiplication? That's an increase in the number of points you can get while exploring. Having a high score you an advantage in completing with other friends. Keep in mind that multiplication only goes up whenever you get a new submarine.

Hint & Tips

1.Booster: triggers dash for 5 sec at the start of the game; +3 sec of game time at the start of the game; item effect duration +2 sec.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: remove ads, starter pack, christmas pack, animal submarine, coins, diamonds, treasure chest, fever
3. A mysterious and beautiful adventure with William and his friends. Be the main character of a thrilling story with friends from all over the world.

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