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BALDO Game story

I just saw your grandpa, he's looking for you. I'm so excited, I want to tell you what I found out yesterday, but before I do, let's hear what your grandpa has ti say, it would be rude to keep him waiting. I left my old shovel over there and started hoeing. I've been digging for such a long time. Well, I don't think I'll be needing that shovel anymore. What? no, I don't need a new shovel, but it's very kind of you to ask Baldo. Now, let me see...if you want to do something useful, I heard that Mrs Zirra down at Calo cabbage patch needs help. It looks like somebody stole some Calo Cabbage from the camp last night. Go down there and see if there's anything you can do.

Did you hear about the trouble over at laddina's Farm today? I think she lost one of her chickens. I saw it running around here, but it was running too fast and I didn't see where it went. Do you think it might be in the Old Tower? I'm not brave enough to go in and look.

BALDO Hack Basics trucos

You can see Sinaro Meadow from up here. When I was a young man I used to take that road to the Marui Desert. I still remember the day my brother and I found the Lost Temple, but I can't remember how we got there. There are so many wonderful things out there. When you grow up, you'll see how amazing and dangerous this land can be. I'm old now, and I stand here every day, waiting for my brother. He left Kidoge a long time ago. Unfortunately, we have a terrible sense of direction in our family, and we're always getting lost. Minisio helped us a lot with his maps back then. My brother and I made a pact: if one of us ever got lost, he would wait at a fountain like this one until the other brother found him. I'm sure he's safe and sound, he knows how to look after himself, but I do wonder where he could have got to.

The farmer of Kidoge Village abandoned his old shovel to start hoeing. He told Baldo about some trouble at the Calo cabbage patch last night. Mrs Zirra may need help, go and find out what happened. The beloved brother of the old man in Kidoge is lost. They had a deal, if either of them get lost, they have to wait near a fountain like the one in Kidoge, so that they will be able to find each other. Find his brother, and help him to find his way home.

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Listen carefully now lad, I may have found what I've been searching for my entire life: the final resting place of the fabled Lost Galleon! It's right here in Kidoge, can you beleive it? I've been looking for this Galleon everywhere, and it's been here all along, right under our feet. I know I've told you this story a hundred times, but indulge an old man: long ago, a Galleon came here, carrying an incredible treasure, a weapon, an inestimable srtifact that could unveil the path to the legendary village of the Guardian Owls. As it approached the coast, a terrible, otherwordly storm enveloped the galleon, and it disappeared into thin air, along with all its treasures and crew. The storm was the last desperate attempt of the no-heart creature, sealed in the underworld by the Guardian Owls, to redeem the weapon stored within the hold of the galleon. The entire crew fell while trying trying to protect the artifacts from the tentacles of a huge terrifying monster that rose from the abyss. Legend has it that the monster is still protecting the cargo in the depths...But the story doesn't end there: the prophecy says that when the pure-heart child is born, the no-heart creature will rise again, and only a brave-heart will be able to stand against it. That's where the legend ends, but now I know where the entrance that leads to the Lost GAlleon might be: I'm convinced it's inside the Abandoned Mine here in Kidoge. I saw the symbol of the Guardian Owls down there...I'll go and make sure later on this morning. Before that, there are a few more mundane tasks to attend to, Baldo. Mrs Laddina told me this morning that two of her chickens have gone missing from her farm. Legends can wait for now, be a good lad and go and talk to her. Remember, we all help each other in Kidoge Village, you wouldn't want Mrs Laddina to be sad, now, would you? She's a good woman, it's thanks to her we all have such good eggs every day.

BALDO Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Humble store - We're open all day, I'm sure we have something you'll need if you go exploring.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter BALDO cheat code - give: energy, treasure chest, materials, hearts, coins, unlock locations, premium box, hints, pets, full version, gift crate, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. You can easily find this root by digging in soil. It doesn't taste great, but it does the job.
4. Scatia Mushroom - The qualities of this mushroom have been known for generations. It is used to sprint faster for a short period of time. It grows everywhere in the world.
5. Prepared with Rodia flour, a selection of spices and Pudda Onion juice, this is great for a real energy boost. This yellow fruit grows everywhere. It helps increase energy.

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