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gold coins - use DM8rPv2cW
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secret combination - lCRH9Updg
revive - N9uTNsP2c
double rewards - PfLOPFbaH
talent - aFwzu9PpI
mastery - gY4UWpeui
ability - MtLZvD5y8
Bankrupt Devil starter package - xXciHR8v3
admin panel - nPvIN6IF4
specials rewards - 8niffjTl0
materials - enter EC9zLWFcO
increase attack speed - 0W752neGM
legendary character - use CW6nkxOah
relic chest - pass hbwzzuTr9
keys - use m8jv8m18l
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gear scrolls - AIKyqaqQ8
skins - use 0pS0OKlt5
stamina energy - pass dTABlgdbs

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Bankrupt Devil Game story

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Bankrupt Devil Hack Basics trucos

Your highness! there are things you have to do before you can go expioring. First, at the beginning of the battle, you can choose a skill for the summoned creature to use. You need to a choose skill that fits your current circumstances! Once you've chosen the new skill, you can drag it with your finger and give the summoned creature a command. Would you tike to try giving the ereeture an order to enter the route on the top on the screen? You can move to the next stage using a portal. Now you will be able to spot monsters around you! When you stop moving, you can give your summoned creature orders to attack! After moving the creature to the target point, give it an attack command.

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upgrade trucos - ZBvqkY13n
level up code - XXYnJdXhl
daily pack cheat - enter pass zfJz5kHvv
admin account - OdEtMqHz2
Month Card x1 - ufqLE7gwc
booster pack - Xvi7taTLu
evolve - wffSDoKZz
enhance - ZBIJNZ8pA
The creatures use these types of weapons: ranged weapons, magic weapons and melee weapons! Different summoned creatures can use different types of weapons, so you need to equip them with the right type of weapon. Shall we move to next stage and try using a magic weapon instead of a ranged one? Magic-type weapons can attack enemies behind walls and inflict blast damage when they crash! Move the summoned creature to the target point and command it with an attack order. Now, shall we move to the next stage and try using a melee-type weapon? The creatures equipped with melee-type weapons will have a circle indicating the range of their melee attacks, If an enemy enters this circle, the creature can perform a melee attack! Unlike other weapons, these melee-type weapons can execute jump attacks, so they can attaek while moving.

Bankrupt Devil Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If an enemy comes within a certain range while moving, a jump attack indicator will appear. Then you can release your finger from the screen to give a jump attack command!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Bankrupt Devil cheat code - give: recruit x10, fusion, legendary heroes, elerium, equipment, legendary hero, resource, speed up, instant research, weapons, auto combat
3. The ultimate skill is determined by the weapon the creature is equipped with. Each weapon enables the creature to use different ultimate skills, so try equipping them with a variety of weapons!
4. The Ultimate skill gauge will appear when you double click the screen. If you press and hold it for certain period of time, then you'll be able to use the skill!
5. If you slay an enemy, it will drop items and if you siay alt the monsters in the stage, you'll - automatically collect all those rewards. After you've obtained all these items, the route to the next stage will open!
6. Altar of a Demon Goddess - there is an altar in each area of the Chatelan continent so please do visit one whenever you need recovery or buff. Now, you have got all the basic information for exploring! Now let's start our journey. Now you know how to control summoned creatures, right? Let's head off to the Forest of Dryads near the Demon King's Castle! Rumor has it that at the end of the forest, there's a Sacred Tree protected by the dryads and mana stones containing that tree's magical power are traded at very high prices!
7. Relic Chest - Include one Advanced, Magic, Rare Equipment, or Character.

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