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legendary player - P1u4qawNI
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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Basketrio Game story

Hey, bro, pick up the ball. Use the joystick on the left to move to the ball and pick it up. Tap the pass button and pass the ball. Tap button will turn into Call for ball button. Tap the call for ball button to ask for the ball. Hold the shooting button. Now, show your offensive skills! All players share the same skill level. Drag the joystick, tap the drive button and shake off the opponent. Drag the joystick toward the basket and tap the Shoot button to Lay Up. Move toward to enter the layup zone. Now drug the joystick and tap the Shoot button while be in highlighted area.

Basketrio Hack Basics trucos

The layup zone will expand as your stats improve. It's your turn to defend now. Make sure to focus on your opponent. Stand in the green cone area to greatly lower their Field Goal. Now, block the shot. Stand in the highlighted cone area and tap the Block button at right time. By the way, you can also adjust the size ond position of your Battle button in. You did a great job. Now, start your basketball career. Interruption Level: defender can inteerupt an d lower FG% while shooting:
1 Weak. Defender stands on the edge of interruption zone.
2 Medium. Defender stands inside of interruption zone. Defender jumps on the edge of interruption zone.
3 Severe. Defender jumps inside of interruption zone.

enter cheat (Basketrio gift codes):
upgrade trucos - QbGgtiUi8
level up - UFyROalzJ
daily pack - enter pass swXF9puPe
admin account - 162a0Dsca
Month Card x1 - RZqhUHhdH
booster pack - h3OJeVmAR
evolve - enuL1HDie
enhance - 1vxxa7zNT
Create openings to increase 3-pointer FG. Follow opponents closely to interrupt their shoots. "Training" player is your main player and can be changed to your preffered player. A good player will always seek open spot! Interruption decrease FG. Try to stay open and make the shots. Your shot will be interrupted. Keep your opponent out of the interruption zone, find an opening and shoot. Someone is in front of you. you are interrupted. Best find an open spot before shooting. Man-to-man defense is the basic defense, follow opponents to prevent open spot. No need to follow defence all time, just stand in the zone when they shooting. Try to stay in interruption zone when an opponent is making a shot. The cone-shaped area in front of a player is their interruption zone. Move into the interruption zone to interrupt the shot!

Basketrio Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Unlock "Monthly Card" to gain extra Proficiency, Coins and more skill slots.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Basketrio cheat code - give: costume, contract, 10 draw, free shop, off ads, skill book, gold coins, gems, legendary player, increase stats, rank up, materials.
3. You can still arrange players while queuing or waiting for teammates.
4. SG is good at driving. Shake off your opponent and find an opening for a good shot! When the opponent move the oppsite direction while you drive, there is a chance to shake them off. Try more drives, shake off the defenser and Make an open shot! Driving the opposite direction of the marking opponent gives you a good chance of shaking them off.
5. Drive system:
1 Shake off There's a chance to shake defender off when defender moves in opposite direction of the driving party.
2 Drive Defense Driving party has a chance of being stopped or knocked down when defender uses Mark Defense.

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