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Battle Card hack cheat code List

gold - use hack xUZ18q9ap
daily pack - enter pass imInCayHr
secret combination - maNJkwMFs
SSR card - TeQ6zAU4g
booster pack - VpRSa5VL2
voucher - U0YdVufxv
Month Card x1 - p9GOOVqv0
level up - iUytNbm1E
super ticker - hxDZoc2DK
exclusive silver - rAECWK0Lq
daily gift bag x10 - imnJXXRsl
upgrade - 8erAw6izN
exclusive gold - U7tf95dFf
gems - UdeHPSR9B
fortune wheel - asYMEGePP
royal chest - yfoo902lr
energy reboot - 3CT7QKSIw
Yugi pack - XESAwTDwk

Battle Card use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

3000 years ago, the advent of 7 ancient millennium items! The darkness in the underworld, arouse from sleep by the great power of millennium items. Attracted by the darkness, priest set led the outbreak of war with Egypt royal family! Dead or alive, ket the ultimate duel between the young Pharaoh and set judge! Let's learn more about the rules. Players are not allowed to attack in the first turn. You can normal summon once a turn. Level 4 or lower monsters can be normal summoned directly. Normal summoned monster is in attack position by default. During battle, the unit with higher ATK will survive.

Battle Card Hack Basics

Trap card can be activated in the next turn. Play the trap card to enchain monster. It takes 1 unactivated character to tribute summon 1 level 5-6 soldier. Next, let's learn how to change position and use spell cards. Let's move to equip spell. Drag the monster backward to change it to defense position. Character in defense position will not be destroyed when their DEF is higher than the attacker's ATK. Rewards - you have a chance to get rare cards if you spend gems here.

Hint & Tips

1.Dark Eradicator warlock deals high damage to opponent with spell cards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give:gem, gold, SSR card, voucher, super ticker, exclusive silver, fortune wheel, royal chest, energy reboot, Yugi pack
3. The white stone of legend can search blue-eyes white dragon even if it's in hand.

Battle Card Hack tools Version:


Battle Card Redeem code - premium gift box

1. zxWOYIhJ2rIV9is
2. HHcJjuAdKcemTxC
3. 6SzfAJYpnwS7F5q
4. ANjHf9p6LsIRbnT
5. f3y2ehHR9RyLeTy
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