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Game story

Welcome to our town! Thank you for accepting the invitation and agreeing to protect the inhabitants from attacks by savages. Next, i will tell you how and what to use, so that you can more easily master the military craft. Let's get started, the hero and his soldier can go to any building in the city. To do this, just go to it and click on the icon that appears. Next, i will tell you what buildings there are in the city.

Battle of Heroes 3 Hack Basics trucos

Town hall - where you can take a task, get a job. All this is well paid, provided of course, if you have enough skills to fulfill the contract. The second most important building in the city - barracks. Enter this building to buy and upgrade warriors, weapons, and buy skills, aura, and magic, including amulets and rings. In order to get resources, gold, crystals, and food, i recommend that you take up the economy and hire workers to farm and mine crystals and gold. Resource buildings, you can find in the city, as well as in the wasteland.

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There is still a way to replenish the treasury, it is to collect tribute from the residents of the city by entering their homes, but be careful, some residents hire robbers to avoid paying taxes. Sometimes it is difficult to contain the onslaught of enemies on the city, for this i recommend hiring guards in towers located on the outskirts of the city and improve the ability of towers to better hit the enemy.

Battle of Heroes 3 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you want to give strength to your soldiers, find the obelisks on the map and capture them. There are different types of obelisks that increase the characteristics of soliders.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Battle of Heroes 3 cheat code - give: food, gold, crystals, resources, legendary equipment, premium weapon, pets, artifact, dragon, skill points, rune, jewels
3. Now we go to management. It is important to understand that to become stronger, you need to develop and correctly increase the characteristics and wisely choose weapons for battle. Each weapon has its own advantage over a certain type of enemy.
4. To move around the area, click on the screen where you want to move. What, summon a warrior, use an aura or magic, as well as some unusual action, open the required menu.
5. Decided to arm yourself, put on new uniforms, go to the inventory. Let me remind you that in the inventory, you can also dress and equip soldiers.

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