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power - use M7yUsc2mT
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ability - use j6ATufDCy
legendary equipment - wqJOlEA9f
battle pass - 1elnkfGEs
increase stats - 46ATx1tcX

Battlegloom use cheats
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Game story

Fight to become the strongest on the leaderboard. Moba style battles on the battlefield with unique mechanics await you. Gain strength with your hero's abilities and deliver a crushing blow to your enemies. Main info - on this screen you can control your abilities. Discover new ways and see information about them. Also, you can see the level of strength, defense, the base value of the energy of your hero. Choose an avatar by clicking on the pen. Keep track of your power rank. See the available additional properties of your abilities and their characteristics.

Battlegloom Hack Basics trucos

The main control is done by moving your finger across the screen. At the bottom left of the screen, you can observe the button to select and use your hero abilities. At the top left you can see your energy level. At the bottom right, a mini map is displayed to view the situation in the battle. Also you can see the energy of your enemy and his name there. Above in the center, the report until the ened of the match.

enter cheat (Battlegloom gift codes):
upgrade trucos - srGQjhrA6
level up - Eclj61ixp
daily pack - enter pass ituBTrVfQ
admin account - XAe6xEsKm
Month Card x1 - OhAJLbCc0
booster pack - g0vE4DeWf
evolve - bV684vEcg
enhance - Cs268nnW4
Battle screen - on this screen, you can select an ability and use it in battle. To do this, you need to select the required ability in the panel on the left, make sure that the cost of the ability is less than or equal to the amount of available energy. And, choose a direction on the mini map - where your ability will be used. If necessary and a sufficient amount of energy, you can also increase the number of simultaneous activations. Be careful - abilities have a cooldown!

Battlegloom Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Amplifiers have appeared on the map! They are indicated by yellow markers on the minimap. Try to use them earlier than your opponent! There are 4 different types of amplifiers in the game, including: healing all allied troops, attacking all enemy enemy troops, accelerating the recovery of the hero's energy, ignoring the recharge of abilities. Some of these abilities are one-time, some last for some time. These are very powerful abilities.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: power, defense, energy, coins, gems, premium characters, ability, legendary equipment, speed up, off ads, battle pass
3. Heroes: Dybbuk - descendants of the once great ice trolls of northern Fenrell. And although they do not possess exceptional strength or sharp intelligence, they should not be underestimated in battle. Ningen - they live in the western forests hunting wandering travelers. They have an innate ability for magic, which makes them more dangerous than their northern counterparts.
4. With the wheel of fortune, you can earn extra rewards. Once a day you will have access to free spin. Every 3 minutes additional scrolling will be available for viewing ads.

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