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research points - use PhEL8kM4x
technology - pbChSLfY6
secret combination - L38lBipKs
modules - ttfbtvfMw
double rewards - lQhhucefj
vision artifact - pmLEF6MMJ
credit packs - M52jkj46h
crystals - 1cjZGWcnv
premium ship - JqUjwfsM2
speed up - EUPm0446p
admin panel - SfZKYxtw2
restore HP - cTzJoII0q
shield - RIwUzRa37

HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The hades galaxy is at war. Obsessed with controlling territory in the new world, the corporation are sparing no resources. Massive battleships are being built. The best commanders are bound to them. The enemy is attacking with a horde of fireflys. Deploy 2 bombers to deal with them. The colossus can lead the charge against the enemy battleship. Firefly pairs work great behind the cover of colossus. Deploy several of them to assist. Move your battleship to avoid the red collapsing zone. Fighters and battleships caught in the collapse are immediately destroyed. Defend against the enemy colossus by deploying a large firefly army. Deploy colossus t start your attack. Arrow can attack the enemy battleship from a safe distance. Deploy some behind the colossus.

BATTLESHIP APOLLO Hack Basics trucos

In 2 us 2, you and a friendly battleship work to defeat the enemy team, before the star collapses. Use the techniques you have learned to win the match. Remember, you can always replay previous tactical missions from the zone progression dialog. Bottom bar - amount of research points that you can earn from combat today. Research points unlock rewards on the technology page. 8 more RP will be available in 1 hour. Start earning custom turrets by pressing artifacts from zone 2 and above. Zone progression - collect influence to unlock rewards and reach new zones. higher zones will help you find new modules, and will increase combat rewards.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - TDZTEPE38
level up - p6v4K4ZDv
daily pack - enter pass nIP9fwutj
admin account - 2l2xFAk5k
Month Card x1 - 8Jqo8sdm3
booster pack - 1HsFhlPfB
evolve - X3tBzbkKA
enhance - tqejEOc5q
Arrow - spawns a single arrow at the activation position. the arrow fighter will move directly towards the closest enemy battleship, ignoring other enemy fighters on its way. Its long range weapon may allow it to strike without retaliation for certain angles and against certain battleships. The bomber's weapon does splash damage on impact, making it ideal for dealing with large numbers of weak fighters. Fireflies - a pair of small, weak fighters. Can be dangerous in high numbers.

BATTLESHIP APOLLO Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Destroy the enemy team's Base to win. Collect more relics to summon fighter fleets on your side.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: research points, technology, modules, vision artifact, credit packs, crystals, premium ship, credits
3. Obsessed with controlling territory in the new world, the corporations are sparing no resources.
4. The research bar indicates your progress toward the next research reward. Earn research points from combat missions to fill the bar. Advance to higher zone to improve research rewards.

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1. rc85VQiBkmDIF4k
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