Cheats hack Beast Commander code:resources, speed up, super recruitment card, gold, rubies, premium beast, diamonds Beast Commander Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Beast Commander hack cheat code List

starter's pack - use hack KsmmWsOlO
resources - enter pass 9JsBkcPmF
off ad - pVyuWQiyc
speed up - jfVAKpnSr
booster pack - 4p4vvpAlO
super recruitment card - 4nGbcanZa
Month Card x1 - hHXtJqdxZ
upgrade - UJb3Jya0X
daily gift bag x10 - j2yxppihz
secret combination code - smzvg0mLp
beast exp - b9nwJW9jS
one time pack - cc0yPOLYU
gold - pJsnwTJEn
weekly box - 7R6GGtRaG
rubies - pwTka1gg5
premium beast - juYicstoo
level up - 3Kcw424Ti
diamonds - Xe18hDNQX

Beast Commander use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The underground bio lab here is crucial to our research. Our research's almost complete. We have to hold the base till general headquarters reinforce us. Remove the remains of the building and we'll find some resources. We need an engineering truck to transport resources. Under your leadership, the reconstruction of the base soon began. After the ground collapsed, an underground palace appeared. Powerful biological detected, Find out what is that. The road was bombed out. We have to sweep up this area and rebuild the road.

Beast Commander Hack Basics

Spend resources to expand your base to hold more buildings. It's getting dark. Please build a generating plant to restore the electricity supply. It requires oil for oil fired plant to work. Let's build an oil well. Train units and fight off the enemy! Water sources were found on the south side, clean up that area to build a water filter. Engineering truck is vital for base construction. Build garage to unlock more trucks.

Hint & Tips

1. Airdrop supply is claimable every once a while. Activate war supply to collect 2x />2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, speed up, super recruitment card, beast exp, one time pack, gold, rubies, premium beast, diamonds
3. It will take time for units to march. You can check the battle report in your mailbox. You can check the battle report in your mailbox after the battle. Please continue developing the base.

Beast Commander Hack tools Version:


Beast Commander Redeem gift code

1. QF6rZ5JA7K19H27
2. 1SZ7fncxGudgyS1
3. vtGBNaq7q3PTprW
4. y5yfAzn6dn7gYA2
5. 4CDblgh0r37xH9S
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