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Beasts Evolved Skirmish Game story

I don't know what happened either, i blame that giant hole in the sky. The seven Kings attacked the World Trees a few minutes ago. I suspect that's what caused the sky to split open. To get back to your world, we have to defeat the Seven Kings and repair the World. I don't like the way you're looking at Because you are chosen by the Ancients! The Ancients defeated the Seven Kings long ago. Let's watch the instant replay.

Lunaria has taken heavy damage, let's heal her! The enemy is too strong, let's seal their. That cannon in the back is doing a lot damage, take it out now! We can use Reflect to push through a stalemate such this. Let's buff up and finish the fight! Use Byakko to snipe down enemies at low. Their souls had already dissipated, only their statues remain. These were their very last words: "May the light guide you again". And now, their statues are brimming with light! You have been chosen! Now, which one of them do YOU deem worthy?

Beasts Evolved Skirmish Hack Basics trucos

Splurge is the embodiment of chaos and violence. His two final forms possess incredible area damage abilities. Some monsters have different forms when they Evolve from 2 to 3. Tap on "Oracle" at the top left to look at the rules. Try to use your HAKI to cause some serious knock back! HAKI is a special power that resides within every monster. The more HAKI you have, the further you knock back on collision! Flawless victory! We've used up some STA, and plowed through Pew pew Got some experience and materials, too! Glyphs can make or break a monster, so socket wisely! Mutates provide a variety of stat boosts and special properties, such as making your monster grow much bigger, for example.

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Clear stages to unlock World Events, where you can get very useful items. Power up through Evolve, Mutation, Skills and Glyphs. Loveshack - this is where things are created. The Loveshack can create many things, including monsters and items! Crawler is actually a durable TANK that will carry you for quite a while, so take care of it. Poker (MELEE) as accompanying a Pewpew (RANGED). MELEE monsters usually have higher HAKI and HP, they act as the meat-shield (TANK) for the party, and deal damage at every collision. Have Crawler knockback Poker in the front row, and then kill that Pewpew in the back! PVP other players at the Pillar of infinity and strive for glory! The higher the Glyph level, the more powerful it is, so let's try to Merge these Glyphs. 3 identical Glyphs will Merge into a Glyph of higher level. Some Glyph Merges have a chance fail, but don't worry, your materials will not be consumed, only coins!

Beasts Evolved Skirmish Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can optimize your party by modifying the monsters' positions. The 1st Kill reward for BOSS stages gives a ton of spores. Spend your precious stamina on the World Events that benefit you RIGHT NOW.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Beasts Evolved Skirmish cheat code - give: love points, mutate, evolution, skills, skins, glyphs, coins, stamina, materials, evolve spores, free black market, hype, gems, increase stats, 100% merge, diamonds.
3. Evolve Spores, it's our lucky day. We can Evolve monsters with these. Each time you evolve, you get a new look and a brand new skill! Evolve again and you'll get to choose an Evolve path. You can Evolve Manster Is into Monster IVs, check their Evolve tree.
4. Monster IVs will not be consumed when they bive Birth. The strongest Monster IVs you hold grant bonus stats to their own type.
5.Thank you for helping your monsters help us all.
1 Monsters may evolve once they reach a certain level. You may select an evolution path for them as they evolve to III.
2 New skills are unlocked through evolve.
3 You get stat boosts and special boosts at random during the mutation process.
4 Give your monsters food to increase their EXP.
5 Training skill #1 consumes Monster I, skill #2 consumes Monster II, skill #3 consumes Monster III, skill #4 consumes Monster IV.
6 Socket monsters with Vanilla Glyphs to increase their base stats. Socket Karma Glyphs to grant monsters special characteristics
7 If you fail while merging Glyphs, you will receive Angel Dust. Angel Dust can be used to active 100% Merge which guarantees success while merging Gliphs.
8 Tap the "i" button next to a monster's name to see their details....

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