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Bermuda Adventures Game story

Wow! What a rough landing! It's good we're all in ome piece, but our plain fell apart. And our family went fluing too! Where's Grampa, where's. Hey, where's Mom? We won't last long without Mom! We must find her, Sandy! There she is in that tree! But how do we make it through these bushes?Hang on, honey! We'll clear a path! I found some bark and sticks. I'll keep them just in case. I found a couple of sticks on our way here! Let's try to use them to take off Mom's parachute. We didn't find anyone. Our plane crashed in the Bermuda Triangle, and it's easy to get lost here...

Bermuda Adventures Hack Basics trucos

What are we waiting for? Let's get looking for our relatives! It's cranberries! They're packed with vitamin C! Eat them and you'll get your strength back immediately. Not like Mom's coocking, but I'm full of energy! Where do I run, what do I dig? I was thinking that we won't find anyone by running back and forward all over the island. We need a plan! Let's call it "Bermuda Rescue Mission"! Now we need a base to rest in and shelter if it rains. But we'll have to build it first. Let's use the plane's tail! Cover up the cracks, to keep the wind out...

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Look at our beautiful rescue mission base! Let's just call it home. Even in the middle of the ocean, it's so nice to get back home! You don't think there's a couple of steaks and some tasty sausages on the island? I don't think here are any restaurants on the island. But I think Grampa Willie packed some food. Grampa brought corn! He was going to cook his speciality: "Lunch for a Very Hungry Aztec". It looks like his stuff is in those crates. I may be a kitchen magician, but I can't cook on a cold grill. We need to find some bark for kindling! Start making grilled corn. It's a pity we don't have anywhere to sit. We'll have to eat on our feet. Judgins by the smell, Project Corn is ready for expert evaluation! Dibs on the first portion! Collect grilled corn. Invite family to dinner.

Bermuda Adventures Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Let's start with something simpler! A knife, for example. They always come in handy! If there's just 30 seconds left before it's ready, you can tap the button and collect the item! Then just use gems! You can use them to instantly make items!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Bermuda Adventures cheat code - give: unlimited energy, stars, speed up, resources, unlock buildings, gems, pet, auto clicker, vip status, premium items, auto collect
3. Pick a gift box with your reward!
4. Set up your family farm, raise animals, harvest crops, cook food for your family and trade with your neighbours and for your family island will become the paradise island!
5. Escape from mundane daily routine, play our adventure and farming simulator game, and become an explorer on this farm island!

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