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multiplayer mode - use U5PqXnfIo
clan - w6KNVYtuD
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Game story

Mister! They are asking you to come to the city center. It seems like you have done something wrong. Do you want me to tell you how to play the game? Figure it out yourself. First of all, go, take the watering can near the city hall. Fill it with water and water the flower. Afterwards, come for further instructions. Aren't you a gardener? Hmm, here is the problem: moneybags want to extract oil on our island, and they are ready to destroy everything for their business. Your farm is in danger too! The mayor should know, but he's away. The woman from the bank can't really explain anything. Talk to the owner of the market. Hes resolved such issues in the past. The market is pretty empty. What should we do with the moneybags? They will demolish both the farm and the market.

Big Quest 2 Hack Basics trucos

Our city has stopped paying taxes, and now our land is being sold. Your farm has been closed for non-payment of fines, and the market brings no revenue. We are waiting for the mayor. But for now we need to open the market, find out what's happened at the docks. Arrange the supply of goods. Small payments from the market will delay the moneybags. Our lighthouse if not working, ships have stopped coming here. The lighthouse keeper has disappeared somewhere. Find out what's going on at the lighthouse.

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upgrade trucos - ErMhJjAGM
level up - YSCJAU36Z
daily pack - enter pass 218B03dMK
admin account - 0uBYeTw25
Month Card x1 - 9k3vrxxBS
booster pack - jjmCMkjCq
evolve - YNHsjK0m4
enhance - ZmGYFAYNh
We have problems with buildings materials. Arrange supply of boards to us. talk to one of the carpenters at the sawmill - go to the sound of the saw. Stop slopping around. Take the ax to the lumberjack. Head west, to the seaport, you will see tree stumps there. He is not far from them. But a license to cut the trees is also required. GO to neighbor, the forester, he has to give you the license. Bring it to the lumberjack and you will get logs.

Big Quest 2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. We saved a bunch of boards. Now we need to find a loader to take it all to the construction site. Go to the market, there was our loader with a cart. Let him take the boards to the construction site.
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