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Billionworlds Kingdoms Game story

This is a turn based strategy game where you get to control your own kingdom! The point of the game is to build a kingdom with enough resources, technology and military to get more points than the enemy kingdoms. Every kingdom has its own unique king, which is very important to secure victory. We will show you how, in our tutorial! Let me show you some basics to get your kingdom going. Start with building your first city. Click on the "Build Village" button. Congratulations! You now have a capital. Let's make the city flourish. Click on the Wild Boar to get some resources. Great! A funny wild boar icon appears in the bottom of the screen, click on it and see what happens. Ok, looks like we need to research the "Hunting" tech. Click on the "Research" button. The funny wild boar icon is still there, that's probably a good sign! Let's buy the tech!

Billionworlds Kingdoms Hack Basics trucos

Excellent, the wild boar icon has started glowing, which means that is now available to harvest! We can now extract the resources from the Wild Boar, click on "that pretty face". City extracts 2 population ans 2 workers. Population makes it possible to grow your village into a Town and then a City. Hammers makes it possible to build buildings inside your village. We now have a villsge and also some resources (2 hammers). Click on the village and let's build something with those hammers! Now, click on "Manage Doonatel". Here is a lot of interesting things! But for now lets build the "Watch Tower"! Watch Tower - Explore land outside city in a radius of: 3. Nice, we should now be able to see a bit more of the map around us. Lets click on the exit button and watch for ourselves.

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Now, look around on the map, by panning/ dragging the map. If you look closely to the east, there are some borders of an enemy Kingdom. Move the king here, just click on the tile. Ok, that's it for our first turn, lets show you how to build an army next turn. Press "End Turn". Now click on the city again, so we can build ourselves an army! Now, open city dialog. Click on the big village button. Warriors are good allround units, lets buy one of those! Wow, that's a lot of information, especially "Attack" and "Defense" values are important, but for now just trust me. Cool, finally something that reminds of battle! Ok, not much more we can do until next turn. Click End turn. Nice, lets move the Warrior east, towards our enemy! Move the Warrior here, just click on the tile beneath the arrow. Nice! But we need something a even more powerful! Lets upgrade our "King Penda" it now just a level 1 king and pretty weak!

Billionworlds Kingdoms Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Awesome, lets just exit this city screen and confirm that our King now has gained 1 level! King Penda is now stronger and can also move 2 hexes instead of 1.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Billionworlds Kingdoms cheat code - give: bonus points, milestones, gold, exploration, population, workers, speed up, hammers, legendary hero, multiplayer mode, unlock world map, vip, premium pack, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. The cost of technologies increases based on how many cities you have.
4. Ahh, a last little tip before I leave you to it, try to attack with both King Penda and the Warrior in the same turn.
5. Great Explorer - You have successfully explored the biggest part of the map after 1 bonus point. Bonus points can be used in the bonus...
6. Farm - Improvement will give your city population and workers. Must be inside borders of Kingdom.
7. Earn bonus points by reaching milestones. Bonus points can be used in the bonus tree, which can be opened by clicking the "Bonus" button in the menu below.
8. Roads - Improvement enables movement of this location to be twice as quick. Lumber Hut - Improvement will give your city population and workers

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