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Bioocean Fantasy Game story

Steamboy - In an old warehouse, there was a smell of rust and engine oil in the air. He signed a contract with the demon at the cost of his eyes and sealed it to his bow - he who wields this darkness power, also gets cursed and transformed into the devil incarnate. The air is filled with a cello-like hum, made by wind-tossed running sand. You feel around your waist for your water bag and drain what remained to quench your thirst. The water eventually brings you back to the present. Slowly you open your eyes. You find yourself sitting against a great date palm. You are lucky. Shade and water save your life in this desert. Beside you Demon Hunter stands gazing into the endless desert. He stands as a young tree in a wildness afternoon. An occasional chance meeting brought you together. He admired your waits, and you had use of his strength.Slowly your dizzy head pieces memories together. You have been searching for the Great Tree for ten days. You start to wonder if you are being tricked or just lost your way. It all began when you met Fay the fairy.

In the early morning, the lingering warmth of the bonfire gradually subsided. A burst of cold air woke you up from sleeep. "Help! Help!" You and Demon Hunter ran towards the sound from the woods. Following the cries for help, you saw a fairy trapped in a ring of Wood-elves. One of the elves saw you. It turned around and watched you guardedly. Its eyes were full of curiosity, but not much kindness. You decided to help the fairy.

Bioocean Fantasy Hack Basics trucos

It is now the third day since you journeyed from the oasis. The two of you walk along a dune with hope growing ever fainter. You are just about to propose going back when things take a new turn. Some distance away a towering tree looms up before you. With Demon Hunter's help, you scramble and climb to the top of the tree. You are surprised to find that the treetop is a wide flat space. And in its midst, a Town Hall set upon a green terrace. "Azeem!" Suddenly there's a clear voice calling your name. The fairy Fay flies over while waving at you from far right. "That's our Mechanic Lora." Looking in the direction Fay points out you see a worker girl sitting silently in the doorway. You greet her. She lifts her eyes briefly and just glances at you. Awkwardly you gesture at the fairy. "Lora isn't good at talking, but few people have mastered the craft of construction on this continent like she has," giggles Fay. "That Crystal Driller was built while you two were busy crossing the desert.' At last, she asks you to become the master of the Great Tree. There will be many grave perils before you, but following your heart, you seem to make up your mind. You and the companions sit on the ground and chat in a cheerful mood. Suddenly a company of Wood-elves climbs up from the far edge. They must have followed your trail here. Demon Hunter strides a step forward but feels suddenly the hands of Fay clutching his sleeve. "There are too many of them!" Fay suggests building a Pump-Arch Tower. Click on the Build button to create a Pump-Arch Tower.

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Pump-Arch Tower - Single-target attack at long range Time is pressing. It would be worth spending Diamonds to finish building the tower immediately. At that very moment, the Wood-elves loom up right in front of you. Fay and Lora quickly hide and get out of sight. The fairy slowly flies out and clasps her hands together. Encircled by...Your heart bids you go and find the Wood-elves' habitat. While you are observing Wood-elves lair...You find taht a company of Spidergirls is trapped within a wall of thorns. Prisoners of the Wood-elves are likely to be your friends. Although the Hatchery does not have the ability to attack, it will hatch eggs around regularly.

Bioocean Fantasy Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Tap the unit icon to start training, or hold down the icon to train multiple units.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Bioocean Fantasy cheat code - give: advanced scrolls, summon x10, legendary heroes, premium chest, resources, speed up, essence, gold, diamonds, vip status, unique troops, workers, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. If a foe is shooting at you behind an obstacle, try destroying the shield first.
4. Keeping precious water in reserve is essential. You quickly assign the new Mechanic the task of building a Water Tank.
5. You can check the progress of the Main Quest in the Fairy Treehouse.
6. If the opponent's base you are attacking is too powerful, consider upgarding your units and training the heroes up!
7. Tap on any empty spots to move the hero over, or tap on a foe to set it as an attack target.

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