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Birthplace hack cheat code List

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upgrade - uMW84gdVp
daily gift bag x10 - C4mD5ImeB
secret combination code - uytL2yT8R
donation package - ilXpzw4pi
unlock animal friends - CYNraQIQ8
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unlimited water - jwAy7pEtM
increase capacity - d7merOCwU

Birthplace use cheats
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Game story

Wow, that was a narrow escape! But wait, something is wrong here! The land here is dry, lifeless, and where are all my friends? This oil palm plantation destroyed our forest, our homes. We should restore the rainforest. first we should clear these small oil palm trees. And we can now plant a new tree here! If we take good care of the trees, they could grow faster. Let's speed up this tree by giving it some suns. Look, this pioneer tree created some fertile ground around it. We can now plant other trees around it and create a strong ecosystem. Let's remove more oil palm trees and create more space. Let's plant a banana tree here. Let's also speed it up with som suns.

Birthplace Hack Basics

Let's give the tree some water so it will start to grow a banana. We should plant more trees, but we're running out of water. There will be rain soon. We should plant a water tree quickly. Water tree collects water from the rain. We're gonna need lots of it to regrow the whole rainforest. We better make some more space then! Remove all the oil palm trees in this area. We did it! We can bring back our homes! Hopefully our friends will return soon. Now let's clear rock. There is more land to be restored. We can make this land even greener and return it to a rainforest.

Hint & Tips

1. Found some wood that we can use for the bridge.
2. Did you know that birthplace plants real trees? The game donates a portion of the revenue from the game to amazing and important real world projects.
3. Save the rainforest: discover many areas, make friends, plant real trees, chase away intruders.
4. Use cheat code, and give: cash, gold, magic worms, unlock locations, recipes, ingredients, platinum box, premium pack, pet, furniture

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Birthplace Redeem gift code

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