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A Bite of Town Game story

Dear Irene, it's Henry, from Happy Town, remember? Our town is in trouble. It may dissapear soon. Please come back. Long ago, townpeople started to leave the town for big cities. Recently, a new resort was built under the mountain, and business is very good. The boss wanted to make the town into a gambling city, many residents accepted his generous compensation to move out, speeding up the decline of the town.
Is the Happy Town going to disappear? No! Increasing the quantity of facilities is the most important step when open a new restaurant. This town is full of my childhood memories, I have not been here for too long that if Henry doesn't come to pick me up, I might get lost.

A Bite of Town Hack Basics trucos

It's been a long time, I almost didn't recognize you just now! You look so much stronger than before! You were thin and weak when you were a kid. The ability to change topics is as good as before. Let's go to Mr. Sam's dessert shop first. Using the Instant Cook to finish all dishes instantly. Your first restaurant has opened! Now let's learn how to cook! Tap on the ingredients to start cooking! Tap after the cooking is finished. Tap to spill the ingredients. Serve the food to customers. Tap to serve the drinks to customers. Snacks could draw customers' attention and recover their patience. Tap this Quest icon to see what to do. Tap "Do it" to start the mission.

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Phew, so many guests suddenly swarmed in today. Citizens are moving out of the town, Mr. Sam feels too miserable to clear it up, fortunately, his ice creams are still yummy. Let's clean up the yard for him! Look at the wall! It looks like the home of Quasimodo instead of a dessert shop. Need more Chef Hats Obtain from stages. The more Combos you create, the more bonus you get! Now let's learn how to make combos. Tap the first dish and serve it to customer. Tap on the second dish to serve it to customers quickly. Quickly tap the third dish to serve it to customers. Now the mission of making combo is finished! Try to make more combos and you could get more coins. Get more coins by creating combos! Too easy? Try challenge levels!

A Bite of Town Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Using the Instant Cook to finish all dishes instantly. You've got a new recipe! The target of this level is reach the number of dish you serve.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter A Bite of Town cheat code - give: chef hats, booster, combos x100, speed up, coins, gems, hearts, vip status, off ads, exclusive outfit, premium furniture, managerbr />3. Snacks could draw customers' attention and recover their patience.
4. Hire a manager - Grab the staffer's card and drag her into the office. If staffers aren't assigned to a particular task, they will automatically generate research points.
5. You can choose from novice, professional, and expert level staffers. More experienced staffers start with higher stats, but also cost more money to employ. As a starting group with a limited budget, it's best to keep our costs low, so let's hire a novice staffer for now.
6. Each staffer will have one of two specializations for their staffer type. (They can still perform the task they' re not a specialist at.)

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