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Black Troop Game story

The Miwakawa civilization - the Angel civilization and the Dark World, are the most advanced civilizations among the Prime civilizations. They also represent the strongest forces in the known universe, have technology that is incomprehensible to people on Earth, and possess power far beyound the cognition of people on Earth. Their lives are immeasurrable, almost eternal. They are Aliens. In September 2013, Aliens invaded the Earth with overwhelming force. The great disparity of power made mankind retreat. Faced with a powerful enemy that could not be matched, a group of young people who inherited the super gene bravely stepped forward. They are unafraid of death and are ready for the bloodshed, vowing to blast the aliens back home. A super soldier is worth a million soldiers...They are...Black Troop

Black Troop Hack Basics trucos

We've received orders to head to Mount Niep in search of the Unvanquished Buddha, Sun Wukong. I thought Wukong was onour side. I didn't expect him to send me flying with his staff. I wonder how my alies are doing. HQ sends a message that they've found Taotie ahead. Tap Battle to search and attack the enemies. You can collect Shin Zhao when you reach Mount Niep 2. Tap Shin Zhao's icon to add Shin Zhao to the lineup. You can collect Karen when you reach Mount Niep 3.

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Shellon Ge - is an extraordinary thug. His Miwakawa Gene was triggered after he risked his life defending a stranger. He later joined Super Seminary to pursue his muse, Rose. He was now the Unbreakable Shield, yet he has mostly been used as a sandbag. His first kiss with Rose fully activated his wings, which empowered him with the ability to fly like an angel. When the Earth was under alien invasion, Shellon overcome his fear and fought in various battles. He braved the Battle of the Milky Way, The Battle of the Gorge, the Battle of Frazier, the Battle of the Nothern Star, and so on. This experience transformed him from an ordinary man to an undeniable Super Soldier. Shellon, the Galaxy Force will one day rise to the level of a god. He is feared not only because of his unique genes but also because his power can destroy worlds. With the help of an angels, Shellon successfully created the Vaid Controller.

Shin Zhao - should be happiest man in the world. Straightforward and brave, he never gives up until his job is done. Yet, instead of caling him brave, maybe it should be said that he is reckless. He pays no mind to politics or patriotism, but he is honest and sincere. He is willing to make sacrifices and is the most courageous soldier on the battlefield. Perhaps it is because of his trait that the angel Cordella chooses to watch over him. Cordella has been looking for a brave man to prove that true love lasts forever. Shin may not be strongest, but he is undoubtedly the bravest. As a genetic product of Darwyn Stra's 2nd Project Apotheosis, Shin Zhao belongs to the Super Soldier Line-II. Later, with the help of Cordella, he successfully broke through his Genetic Lock, which greatly enhanced his abilities and gave him a lifespan of ten thousand years. Because of his extremely fast speed and his powerful attacks.

Karen - She is a descendant of an ordinary Miwakawa. Compared to others, Karen's family doesn't have much to offer in terms of genetic or supernatural abilities. She acquired her sniper skills through her own hard work on the police force. Although Karen's genes are only Miwakawa 1.0, it doesn't mean she is just there for looks. On the contrary, the most remarkable thing about Karen is that no enemy commander dares to step out without knowing Karen's location. In the police force, Karen is definitely a bona fide muse amongst all the beauties. People chase after her loke wolves chasing the moon. Some say this made her into a petulant young lady. However, Karen is the God Staying Sniper of the Black Legion, she can carry a mission, make the enemy tremble. and strike with deadly percision.

Black Troop Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Congratulation on activating the Faction Aura. Tap on the icon to view mare about the effects of the Faction Aura.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Black Troop cheat code - give: diamonds, friendship points, star coins, equipment, guild activeness, divine hero, summon x10, shards, artifact, game speed x10, auto clicker
3. You can unlock Hero Level up when you reach Mount Niep 5. Some hero EXP has been gained in the battle just now. You can level up Shellon now, tap Hero. Keep leveling up and the battle will get easier.
4. You can unlock quest when you reach Mount Niep 7. Follow the quest guide and complete the quest, you will receive a lot of rewards. Include daily, weekly and main story quests. You'll receive large amount of rewards of completion.
5. Level up heroes to improve attributes, making future battles easier.
6. You can unlock equipment when you reach Mount Niep 9. You'll receive equipment in the battle. Tap Hero to equip equipment. Make sure you Keep updating your equipment. It makes your battles easier. Equipment - Here attributes and Pow will be greatly enhanced. Equipment of Mythic quality even come with skills.
7. You can unlock Quick combat when you reach Mount Niep 10. Quick combat - Immediately collect 4-hour offline reward. Enjoy the first quick combat of the day for free.
8. Assembly Point - summoning hero with diamonds/friends hip points is the fastest way to collect hero.
9. Create or join a Guild to find the like-minded friends. You can also open Guild Shop and enable Guild Raids.

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