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Blade & Soul Revolution use cheats
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Game story

Race: Jin - descendants of the black tortoise. They are characterized by their intelligence, diligence, curiosity, and most importantly tenacity! Gon - descendants of the dragon. They value courage and strength, but can be quite intimidating to other races due to their destructive nature. Yun - descendants of the graceful Funfhuand, a mythical bird. Comprised of only females, they are a mystical race attuned to nature. Lyn - descendants of the Kirin. With their innately acute senses, they can overcome any physical disadvantage they might have against other races.
Daily missions: purchase an item at the shop 50 times; visit town - stay in town for 10 seconds; obtain item from enemies 10 times; clear conquest mission 2 times.
If you want to get stronger, follow the reinforcement guide! You can also tap Rina's tip to find out more information: Get items and XP from quest to level up. Hajoon's soul shield - obtain shield from level up, enhancement, or reforge events. Conquest mission - defeat the monsters in the area to get additional XP and items. Enhance equipment at the fire oit to increase stats. New players can get various rewards with special supplies and monthly check in rewards. If you're in a clan, you can get silver as a clan check-in reward. Play the daily, weekly missions to get experience and items.

Blade & Soul Revolution Hack Basics trucos

Classes: Blade master - have a wide range of attack and block skills. Even ranged enemies pose no threat for them, as they can quickly close the gap between their targets. If you want a versatile and well rounded class, the path of the Blade master is for you.
Kung Fu master - have powerful combination attacks to counterattack or force their opponents into submission to render them defenseless. If you think can take on a challenge, the path of the Kung Fu master is for you.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - WEFjYZ6Xu
level up - o4tvtCRSW
daily pack - enter pass 6STRI7fCf
admin account - C6wqDLeK5
Month Card x1 - CrY9KC4kh
booster pack - oMIfCjNpQ
evolve - nAKJxh0TR
enhance - mz1bGmVtR
Destroyers - may be slow, but are formidable melee fighters, nonetheless. They can grab staggered enemies and even protect themselves with iron armor. If you wish to wield a giant axe against your enemies, the path of the destroyer is for you.
Force masters - can deal heavy ranged damage, attacking multiple targets at a distance. If you want to use dazzling skills against a large group of enemies, the path of the force master is for you.
Summoners - and their familiars work together as a team. they borrow power from nature itself to overwhelm their enemies. If you'd like to fight alongside a cute familiar to support your allies, the path of the summoner is for you.

Blade & Soul Revolution Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Attacking will automatically target the closest enemy. Use the basic attack you learned to destroy the training dummy. Use frost leap to slow your enemy. Use dragonblaze on the slowed enemy. Tap air dash to glide faster. Restore chi to revive on the spot when your HP runs out.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium pass, gold, restore chi, points, blue crystal, tickets, medal, heroic pet chest, heroic equipment crafting selection chest, heroic accessory pick up selection chest, greater Hongmoon energy, studious weasel chest, enhancement stone, summon equipment, summon refined pet, off ad, pet soul chest, weekly lucky chest bundle, Master Hong level up bundle, story quest achievement bundle, grand launch hongmoon pass plus
3. Save personal windstride point: select a slot to save your current location. If a location is already saved in a slot, your current location will overwrite it.
4. You'll die if you're attacked while restoring your chi.
5. Tap the quest guide for the quest to progress automatically.
6. Grand launch daily charge bonus - charge 400 blue crystal every day and receive 200 as a a bonus! A special bonus for the final step! Same points as the amount of crystal will be charged upon purchasing products with blue crystal.
7. Story quest achievement bundle - get blue crystals and maximum weight ticket immediately upon purchase. Receive bonus crystal when you complete each story quest.
8. Grand launch hongmoon pass plus - receive seasonal outfits and special rwards on top of normal Hongmoon pass rewards.

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