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promotion - use hack stTgXZwrJ
sets - n3nW935J3
vip status - gIQOdx5JA
gold - kYR8pm0ws
flaming gems - I4gIcfu5V
points - udtwbddS1
slots - DGHkvjHTY
contract - FOnZZSfOX
crystals - zCdxEy6wm
talents - EerbxtA9E

BlitZ Rise of Heroes use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

In the days when gods were deaf to the pleas of mortals, the aliance and the keepers used forbidden magic. In order to destroy the insatiable monsters - the Awakened, but instead of doing so, they invited into their world a new enemy, the Ashen ones. Years later, having lost all hope of victory, the allies fled into the core of Larnes, where they began to fight one another for the limited resources.And now, only a true hero can reunite them, gifting them the hope of salvation. Or would be rather see the world go up in flames?

Characters: GalDzuk - is a fierce ventriloquist warrior that deals increased damage to mages. He also easily drives away opponents. Siana - is an outstanding scientist, who enhances the attacks and accuracy of her allies. She can also heal them with the magic of distant stars. Delayra - is a skilled archer who deals great damage and gains an increase in damage for each ally on the battlefield. Meya - is a gentle fairy with an explosive personality. SHe restores health to allies and prevents effects of control over them.

BlitZ Rise of Heroes Hack Basics trucos

Equip your heroes and raise their level. The great legacy of heroes- get a full set of armor, powerful weapons, and resources to improve your hero. Legendary warlord's pack - strengthen your squad with a powerful hero and receive resources to upgrade him. Unbreakable warlord's pack - receive an acclaimed hero with a set of resources for his enhancement and defeat your enemies. Unbeatable army - add new heroes to your squad with unique skills and talents.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade - Ppm49UCIm
level up - ejf63GNTZ
daily pack - enter pass 8FbQECR0C
admin account - FpAMxjXIP
Month Card x1 - dllnXIAUw
booster pack - 7pvIMk0dp
Skills: Severe magic - throws a ball of energy forward, causing physical damage to all enemies on the battlefield. Triple shot - fires arrows at the three farthest enemies, inflicting natural damage. Damage to every enemy: 150% ATK, recovery time 12 seconds. Guardian's Loyalty - as a result of Sigurd's loyalty to his duty, he manages to defeat his opponents and reduce the chance of a critical strike from enemy warriors. Critical hit chance lowered by 90%. Nature's wrath - inflicts her enemy and his closest allies with natural damage.

BlitZ Rise of Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Tap and hold the new level button to quickly increase the level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: promotion, sets, vip status, gold, flaming gems, points, slots, contract, crystals, talents
3. Supply - in this chest: gold and experience of the hero, as well as equipment that can be very useful in battle. COntains everything you need to improve your heroes.

BlitZ Rise of Heroes Hack tools Version:


BlitZ Rise of Heroes Redeem code - premium gift box

1. iqrA9Zy312kULWY
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5. K6ayvHcD7sYIByi
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