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epic treasure chest - NrYDYbtun
100% resist - BlfgBpNGC
unlimited MP - uvscVXUU1

Bloodstained RotN use cheats
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Game story

The industrial revolution ushered in a new are that threatened to transform the values of men. No longer would spirituality be their compass. But not all welcomed the change. In 1783, just as the fires of the Laki Eruption had plunged all of Europe into an ashen darkness. A horde of demons spilled from the shadows and fell upon city after english city. It was a message. The alchemy guild, fearing the rise of industrialism and abandonment by their wealthy patrons, had done the unthinkable to defend their existence. Through recondite arts, the alchemists had created shardbinders: humans transplanted with crystal that attuned them to demonic power. They sacrificed the shardbinders, and in doing so threw the gates of the world open to demonkind. Countless innocents died. And though the Church succeeded in vanquishing the hellsent, a stepp price had already been paid and collected. As for the Shardbinders, they were presumed to have all died in the sacrificial rite. However, two survived: Gebel, a boy for whom, by some miracle, the rite did not prove fatal, and Miriam, a girl who was spared the rite altogether on account of the strange slumber that took her just before it could begin. Ten years have passed, and mankind too soon forgets tragedy.

Bloodstained RotN Hack Basics

There are certain doors that are opened by holding arm in front of it. Use compass to designate direction. Flashing air kick - perform up to three spinning kick by repeating the same command. You can resize and reposition the minimap via the map screen. Beastly enemies are generally resistant to striking attack but susceptible to fire. Some enemy attacks can be avoided simply by crouching. Sometimes, when you visit the shop, you will receive hints about how to proceed.

Hint & Tips

1. The great console game comes to mobile: castle of dark art, collection of unknown thrills, combat with infinite possibilities, new rendition of the classics.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shards, premium equipment, legendary weapon, gold, credits, full version, skins, 100% resist, epic treasure chest, unlimited MP

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Bloodstained RotN Redeem code - premium gift box

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