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Month Card x1 - OZ50sJj6o
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shield - 71lT6lZ0M
intel - qzn72rcDU
cash - PPWMdqD0r
upgrade - pBjprfk3S
level up - s08YBKGIB
secret combinations - pJfT1S1Gj
Beginner Pack - t1k7TTFU1

Bomber Crew use cheats
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Game story

One of our Spitfire pilots had a run in over the channel and had to ditch in the drink. Locate the poor fellow and drop survival gear to keep him safe until he's picked up. Basic controls: The electrical system is beginning to malfunction. Send someone to repair it! Upgrade systems at the airbase for greater reliability. On some missions, there will be optional recon opportunities. Use the bomb aiming station to take photos of these sites for bonus funds and intel. You're being attacked by untagged fighters! Tag them so that your gunners can fight back! Order someone to grab a first aid kit, then revive downed crew before their timer expires. You can send injured crew to the rest bed to heal them. If you need to send your pilot, don't forget to order someone else to fly the aircraft.

Bomber Crew Hack Basics

Be sure to return crew to their stations once they have finished a task. Time for some target practice before we send you off into the sights of the enemy. Engage and destroy targets, this should be a piece of cake. When zoomed in, you can see inside the bomber. When zoomed out, you can look around for hazards and targets. Your navigator will create navigation markers for you. Tag these navigation markers as they appear to stay on course. Leaving the landing gear lowered will use up more fuel, and expose them to potential damage. Select your bomb aimer. At the start of missions, the bomb aimer will be in the nose turret. Move your bomb aimer to the bomb aiming station, directly below the nose turret. Instruct your bomb aimer to open the bomb day doors. Use the aimer's view to see when you are above the target. Press' release' to drop your armed bombs on the target.

Hint & Tips

1. Skills: emg. drive - perform an emergency dive to put out engine fires, or reach a lower altitude quickly. Boost - get a boost of speed by using a richer fuel mix. Radio for recon - radio for location of upcoming hazards. Will be revealed on the navigator's map. Focus - increased focus when aiming resulting in higher accuracy for a duration.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: skills, premium aircraft, exclusive crew, restore HP, shield, unlimited ammo, intel, cash, secret combination, upgrade, level up, experience
3. Gun turrets can be upgraded to do greater damage to enemy fighters, and to allow for more ammo per belt. Upgraded engines are better armoured, and also give the aircraft a greater maximum weight limit. Upgraded electrical systems are more reliable, and can take more damage before breaking down. More heavily armored fuselage will help to keep your crew safe.

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Bomber Crew Redeem code - premium gift box

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