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booster pack - use 8TOUcD2Zc
off ads - f39oDyh2i
secret combination - QXWwQYdVt
candies - cmExHpXjS
double rewards - 2rtZS3Pmb
decorations - 8mibJbCwH
speed up - e0BuBlVtB
unlimited moves - de2Sl4z0y
BoraBora hack starter package - iMMc6JYLR
admin panel - JEiivPiNw
hearts - EIb2KARTW
gold - enter uRW3cWYgj
friendship points - uExcORA8d
exclusive outfit - use pQ7DaYK1a
offline rewards - ij54Hvhdl
starter pack - DGkqxmYEX
gift box - enter E5P9Ig9B9
premium chest - 6PFrOkj7G

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BoraBora Game story

Finally, the chosen one comes! I've been waiting for you. Welcome to Bora Bora - the most magnificent island and the real paradise on the Earth! Only the inheritors of Bora are able to teleport in here island with the spell. Every inheritor of Bora can inherit an island. This entire place already belongs to you. Also, inheritors have magical affinity from the God. Just put your hand on this stump and you will see. Match 3 identical pieces in a line. Match identical pieces to be collected. It's ok to let you know about Bora's magic. The inheritor of Bora can gain resources by solving the mystery of the stump. These resources can help cabogame to have a better life on this island. View your to-do list here. Receive a new task, check it!

BoraBora Hack Basics trucos

Construct your campsite, the first step of island building! Select boosters. Match the identical pieces on the carpet in a line. Wow, it turns out matching can help unroll the carpet. Covered the chessboard with carpet to complete the goal. Level completed, tap to continue the task! Just need a few chairs for you to enjoy sunbathing! It's such a nice place: No need to bother with work or anything. Operate the left screen to move. Pinch to zoom. Bora has a tradition: whenever a new friend arrives, a welcome party must be held. Hence, we will have a welcome party tonight. Let's prepare for it together! Prepare well in advance and enjoy the exciting party! Match 4 identical pieces in a line. Got a Yo-Yo, Double-tap to activate it.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - dRX7CxfgW
level up code - HuVQGdqXz
daily pack BoraBora cheat - enter pass ZQVX9iCcz
admin account - WFdYEpqpP
Month Card x1 - NL8Ljd0ch
booster pack - D1e5T5nzk
evolve - 5kGEkXGZI
enhance - giRLknXcW
Seems like everyone's got prepared. It's time to set up. Can't wait for party to begin! Let me put all the fruits. I found on the picnic cloth! It's getting dark now, maybe having a campfire will be more romantic... More ambience? Maybe a campfire and candles. Unlocked a new element suitcase, try to match around the suitcase. Try to match 5 identical pieces to combine. Got a Spinning Top, Double-tap to activate it. Try to match 5 identical pieces to combine again.

BoraBora Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. "Casual conversation" is a good way to get to know your idols, and key to building friendship. Try flirting at your own risk. Not everyone is receptive to a romantic overture!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter BoraBora cheat code - give: booster pack, candies, gold, speed up, decorations, unlimited moves, off ads, hearts, friendship points, exclusive outfit, starter pack, offline rewards, gift box, premium chest
3. You can ask an idol about her wishes to find out what her goals are. Helping her fulfill her goals will increase your influence with her.
4. You can ask an idol to share gossip about other group members, or ask her to mentor a younger member of the group. Note that most group members won't share gossip if they're not on friendly terms with you.
5. If you have influence with an idol, you can spend that influence to get her to do certain things. (If your idol is bullying another group member. you might need to resort to this option to get her to stop)

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BoraBora Redeem code - premium gift box 18.08.2021

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