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Botworld Adventure Game story

Another beautiful morning in Botworld. And today's the big day. The day I finally get my own bot. I'm going to become the greates botmaster ever! I should go find Dad. Tap or use joystick to move. Charges head-first into battle and knocks its enemies all over the arena. High mobility and high damage. This is a rare bot your Mom put together. We mostly see Chomps and Barries in the wild around here, but she made this one especially for you. You're not going anywhere without a botpack. It has your lunch, spare clothes and some botmaster ability modules.

Botworld Adventure Hack Basics trucos

One of those pesky wild bots is on the one path ahead. Why don't you take your nnew gear and show me what you can do? To start the battle drag your bot into the arena. Your bots will automatically attack their closest enemy. You can't control them once they are deployed. Use your botpack abilities to help your bots in battle. Abilities use energy which generates over time. Drag in your missile ability to help take down this bot. Bots fight on their own: Place them wisely and support them with your botpack abilities.

enter Botworld Adventure gift pass:
upgrade trucos - eG2pHu10i
level up code - rOcWpRRrB
daily pack cheat - enter pass 8rpgcAj5u
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Month Card x1 - 2zUQCXOjn
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evolve - KjQqmY5qG
enhance - QFJ6W6HRZ
Not bad. But you'll need to do better to complete in the arena. I'll give you another bot for some extra firepower. But remember: always put your ranged bots behind the tougher ones:
Chomp - Snipers do a lot of damage from a distance. A loyal companion who loves to shoot at enemies from a distance.
Lobbie Botframe - Throws explosive arbs over obstacles at groups of enemies. Tries to do its best
Yanky Botframe - Equipped with a grappling hook, this bot keeps its enemies close.
Brawler - Equipped with a grappling hook, this bot keeps its enemies close Brawlers are good at fighting other melee bots.
Barrie Botframe - A defensive bot with an energy barrier for extra survivability. Always has a headache. Tanks soak up damage and protect weaker bots.

Botworld Adventure Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Bot Placement: Drop ranged bots away from enemies to start. Use tough bots like Barrie or Thump to soak up damage and protect weaker bots. Come to the workshop and can use it to build you another bot.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Botworld Adventure cheat code - give: resources, speed up, vip status, increase attribute, evolve, skills, troop scroll, materials, score chest, gold, silver, unlimited energy, stamina
3. Tap ingridients above for hints on where to find them. Your repair canister will head your bots between battles. It has limited energy - once it's out you'll have to return home to recharge.
4. Ranged bots will flee when an enemy is close, use this to stop enemies doing damage.
5. Every time we upgrade the Boat we get to pick some improvements for the family business.
6. Each botpack ability uses different amounts of power, try saving up to use your more powerful abilities.
7. You can check your quests by opening the map in the top right corner

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Botworld Adventure Redeem code - premium gift box 04.07.2021

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