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Brave Trials West Legends Game story

Harvesting out of town can get a lot of resources, but it can also attract the attention of the enemy. Click button to plant bomb! Click Task to open auto pathfinding! Go to safety wait for the train. Tap the area to edit your squad. Click Sheriff to send him into battle! Skill charge complete, click Role Icon to release Skill! It's too late, The Farm was in ruins. This is an important building that feeds the whole town. We need to fix it quickly.

Brave Trials West Legends Hack Basics trucos

The Bounty Hunter and the Outlaws [Main] Repair the Farm. I didn't expect to experience something new today after all my years as a bounty hunter. As someone who likes to settle things by himself, the Sheriff of Sweetwater Town decided to accompany me to Eagle Canyon to exterminate the outlaws. Unfortunally, it was a trap, for the outlaws intented to lure the Sheriff out of town all along. A Mexican outlaw named Juan took the chance to set fire to Sweetwater Town while the Sheriff and I were out. Just as important is the sawmill. It has been a steady source of wood for Sweetwater. Let's repair it as well.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - xVTaBezUm
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daily pack Brave Trials West Legends cheat - enter pass 3l89gAeuE
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We might have saved Alice, but our target hasn't be caught. We traced Juan's escape route and came across a poor lackey abandoned by him. He seemed to have gained some insight in his final moments. Alas, it was too late for him. Heroes who have not yet entered the battle, it is recommended to begin after entering the battle! In the battle, Drag heroes to chnge position to dodge from enemy attack in time! Hold hero to Drag for adjusting position! Upgrade will take a relatively long time. Please use Accel.items to shorten the Construction time. Reasonable use of Accel.items can greatly reduce our waiting time and quickly increase Battle Power.

Brave Trials West Legends Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Complete Daily Tasks to obtain points. A chest reward will become available for claiming when you have enough points.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Brave Trials West Legends cheat code - give: gold, food, wood, stone, speed up, resources, legendary hero, skill points, weapon, equipment, shards, promotion, battle pass, vip status
3. Building function - This researches science and technology, and permanently improves military, industry and logistics attributes.
4. You may also use the One Tap upgrade feature to spend all Hero EXP at once!
5. According to a reliable source, there are still many Commanders fighting against the Doom Corps across the world. We are not alone. From an Alliance with other Commanders and build our Alliance Territory together to help with our own development!
6. Join the alliance and relocate your base near the Alliance Fortress. Fight alongside your allies. Your first alliance (Receive golds):
- Help each other, accelerate construction.
- Increase power by ralying Alliance members.
- Get Stat bonuses in the Alliance Territory.
- Share Alliance Tech bonus with allies.

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