Cheats hack BrawlShooters code:off ad, gold, restore HP, exclusive character, buff, zem, level up, upgrade, shield BrawlShooters Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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BrawlShooters hack cheat code List

off ad - use hack yUbSfwY7t
daily pack - enter pass LuPUvyQUB
gold - CWzt7PI9Y
restore HP - 7jDksuxDd
booster pack - kIn7ycmlj
exclusive character - CbETUPC3Y
Month Card x1 - dChUiIHqI
speed up - atbvQRKEu
daily gift bag x10 - 4QS6GpB7c
buff - nn0qAgtdr
zem - o9eFOWt9N
upgrade - 0uUju3QFe
level up - Z4q1g57xy
secret combination - hKuMMzXxv
shield - T19izDTra
invincible - rA0DpiKSo
multishot - 4dhuMOjwK

BrawlShooters use cheats
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Game story

EXP bar - Experience and gold are gained by killing monsters. If the player is not moving, the closest target will be attacked with an automatic target. When moving, the automatic attack stops. Timer - after a certain period of time, existing monsters become stronger and new monsters appear. Skill button - skills have a strong effect, but have a 40 second cooldown. You can change the button position in Lobby > options. HP recovery - restores 5% of maximum HP. Movement speed potion - movement speed increased for 1 second. Treasure box - buffs and debuffs are obtained randomly.

BrawlShooters Hack Basics

Characters: FooFa - fires a wide straight laser beam declaration. Demonstrates the power of 3 times the attack power. Increases damage when strengthening skills. Uju - explodes at the radius of the character. It has 5 times the damage effect of the attack power and becomes invincible for a while. As the skill is strengthened, the damage will increase. Nunna - restores your HP for 10 seconds by a certain % of your maximum HP. When using the skill, the invincibility will end for a while, and all debuffs will be canceled for you. THe amount of recovery when strengthening skills will increase. Sticky - summon up to 3 alter ego and become invincible for a while. The alter ego is maintained for 1 seconds, and the abilities acquired in the game cannot be copied. THe last alter ego skill reuse wait time is applied. Improving skills increases the attack power of the alter ego. Jean - basic passive increases the amount of gold earned by 25%. When using the skill, you will be invincible for a while and your attack power will increase by a certain amount for 10 seconds. Increases attack power when strengthening skills.

Hint & Tips

1. Unique - appears in the center of the map every 5 stages, and by defeating monsters, you gain optional abilities. When the stage ends, the monster will also disappear.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: off ad, gold, restore HP, exclusive character, buff, zem, level up, upgrade, shield, invincible, multishot
3. Boss - after stage 15, move to the boss monster stage. THe boss becomes stronger by the number of surviving monsters in stages 1-15.

BrawlShooters Hack tools Version:


BrawlShooters Redeem code - premium gift box

1. WiuFtXoRIKvu4lK
3. WamPHbbN3SR5cfA
4. nA5J8gmhPEyHjh6
5. 4UGm3K88Qj5schf
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