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energy - use hack ATmSapuFd
daily pack - enter pass 5xoYpbVsu
admin account - VerdZPNlA
money - a6wCXEoEE
booster pack - DMBZ7q1IH
shield - BygfubLYb
Month Card x1 - hK5wXEaBj
lottery - 9U90IIDOZ
daily gift bag x10 - xToXUdH3o
gems - RmFcnbTHP
weapon - fuz2GjE7w
upgrade - BWFUvDtQn
level up - 02l2exI7S
sub items - I3N3w2I7Q
research - DNgtmn4kV
increase attack speed - 9WlJyRWdb
premium vehicle - EgsAxQ2nu

BulletPunk use cheats
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Game story

The nation collapsed due to an alien invasion, the sky and the sea were polluted, and making was trapped on the ground. Dominating the roads on the ground soon became a force and the roads became a battlefield. Battle control - the battle is automatically conducted by default. Stat - here, the durability and the amount of fuel remaining are displayed. If either of them reaches 0, clear fails. Durability - varies depending on the vehicle on board and decreases when attacked by an enemy. Fuel - is displayed in % and gradually decreases with time. The more fuel you leave, the more favorable the clear score. Battle process - enemies appear in right of you, and you have to eliminate them with your weapon. If a creature type enemy cannot be defeated, it takes collision damage.

BulletPunk Hack Basics

The distance shows the progress of the current battle. The distance is automatically reduced and proceeds to the next stage when it. You can touch the button here to adjust the vehicle's speed. A small amount of fuel is consumed when changing speed. Turbo, drive, and reverse are possible, and the speed of distance reduction and the speed of enemies changes according to the speed. Shield - if you hold down the shield button, you can deploy the shield and negate the collision damage or attack of the enemy. The time that the shield can be used changes depending on the vehicle's stats. Weapon upgrade - touch the weapons icon during battle to upgrade weapons in real time. However, the cost of upgrade during battle is more expensive than before. Clear - minimize the damage and celar the stage as quickly as possible, the higher the clear rating.

Hint & Tips

1. The map is divided into roads and stages. The road is where some people are dominating it. The way they defeat their enemies, take the road away...Stages are areas that make up a road. If you clear all of them, the road will be cleared. Infinite road - are places to fight agains enemies that are getting stronger on endless roads. There is a checkpoint for each interval and you can start at the point when the checkpoint is reached.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: energy, shield, money, lottery, gems, weapon, sub items, research, level up, upgrade, increase attack speed, premium vehicle
3. Clear rank - when you succeed in re-defeating the stage, the grade is graded according to the contents, and the score and compensation vary according to the n grade.
4. Weapons - are randomly received from among the unlocked weapons. Are not permanent and are all reset after one battle. Through the development of the store, you can further improve stocking quantity, stocking level, etc. Equipped weapons gain even higher attack power through reinforcement. Even during battle, you can reinforce in real time.
5. Energy consumption is equal to the sum of the energy of the vehicle on board and the weapon on board.

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BulletPunk Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 2Z4cp7M1L0jfVGb
2. 9bHI4rNnsbTrIIV
3. mDqbaPDJVnmhs7E
4. RADf7siErZoM4OQ
5. 8Mt8j189PzYacdZ
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