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Bunker Escape Room Horror Puzzle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Driving down the highway may not always be safe, especially at dusk. Observe the speed limits and be careful to avoid any rash actions. Watch out! The animals may be running into the road, have a safe journey. A lot of objects in the game are interactive. You can study inscriptions, pick up items, open closets, big and small doors etc. Study the premises carefully in order not to miss anything. Having opened your eyes you realise being in a strange place, your hands tied to a chair. All you have in your pocket is an old knife - your father's gift. What will happen next?

Bunker Escape Room Horror Puzzle Hack Basics trucos

Tap on the inventory item. Move the knife to the quick access cell. Tap on the quick cell icon to take the knife in your hand. You can now cut off the bands on your hands. Now you're free! It's time to examine the room. Tap on the inscription on the wall.Examina the corridor carefully. You may find different items useful for your escape everywhere: they may be stored at closets, pipes or walls. Now you know how to move around the room.

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Using the button in the lower left corner, you can always find out the directions for movement. The locker is closed, i might be able to pick a lock with the help of something. scape the room, use all your skills and logic in the puzzle game, go through trials one by one and do not succumb to fears and doubts. Adventure quest will drag you into a long adventure with a very interesting storyline.

Bunker Escape Room Horror Puzzle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Items: Mop - obviously, i don't feel like cleaning this damned place but it might be a useful part of something else or might take an advantage of it. Knife - an old knife given by my father. Duct tape - perfect for isolating any exposed wires.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: locations, hints, new stage, items, keys, craft materials, gems, hardcore mode, artifact, admin panel
3. If you are at a dead end and you have no options for salvation, use the hint. You may feel dizzy from what is happening, but just don't panic!

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