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Burst To Power hack cheat code List

awaken - use hack 9821UQNTc
daily pack - enter pass l7AOD3EAh
stamina - CzFaYgH46
spirit - amaAFQhpM
booster pack - RzZ9NDq03
off ad - 22WdvAsST
Month Card x1 - RK3yygLt7
rank up - FOKKMQqkE
daily gift bag x10 - 0RdWWQRKh
skills - UG4lvvx1v
abilities - 0RQXOFNZq
upgrade - XfFlpAQvu
level up - YGGAkxx3L
exclusive characters - XPscJ7wj4
gems - uH6JaHsQE
souls - q8k5da8vX

Burst To Power use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The overworld, a world that holds the Boolitverse together and keeps it in balance, has fallen into chaos. Glooggle, an ancient evil, has defeated the gateway keeper! Now the gateways to other worlds are defenseless. There is nothing stopping him from taking over all of Boolitverse. But there is still hope. Reyline, the gateway keepers apprentice, must step up and stop Gloggle from taking over the booltverse. As a gateway keeper she has the ability to enter the world of boolitverse and recruit heroes to aid her on her quest. Welcome to game, get a feel of the gameplay and have fun!

Burst To Power Hack Basics

Basic controls: movement - use the joystick or left analog stick to move tha character. Attacking - while not in "spirit Surge" press the "attack" button multiple times to perform a combo attack. While on the ground you will perform a ground combo, by jumping you will perform an aerial combo. Spirit dash - while moving press the 'defend' button to spirit dash. Note: spirit dash requires stamina to use. More stamina means more dashing so be sure to upgrade it. While "spirit dashing" press the "attack" button to perform a rush attack. For some rush attacks you can press multiple times to perform a combo. Rush attack is not limited to ground or air. It will change towards a grounded or aerial target. To enter spirit surge quick tap the 'spirit' button. Entering spirit surge is required to use spirit blast attacks.

Hint & Tips

1. Blasting - while in "spirit surge" press the attack button to perform a blast attack. For some blast attacks you can press multiple times to perform a combo. While on the ground you will perform a ground blast, by jumping you will perform an earial blast.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: awaken, stamina, spirit, off ad, rank up, unlock skills, abilities, exclusive characters, gems, souls
3. Defending - to block attacks press and hold the defend button. You can only block as long as you have enough stamina otherwise your defense will be broken and you will receive even more damage then normal. When you are knocked away tap the defend button to make a quick recovery.

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Burst To Power Redeem code - premium gift box

1. dfrSq8xVeRrRllX
2. DGybekGePkDMWiT
3. WSOAHXczedfyWXu
4. qhUsTiNQf8ijZxr
5. bxnDohL3XLyV6wb
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