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Call of Myth Origin starter package - Ma106umKY
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Call of Myth Origin Game story

Don't panic, young man. The heaven has ordered us to help you. When the war ends, conflicts between races broke out the alliance disintegrated. The five races began to fight on their own. They holds the power of summoning. And you will be the beginning of a new chapter. The task of saving the world will be in your hand. Test your strength first. Remember, the more main story plots you have cleared, you more AFK earning you can get.

Call of Myth Origin Hack Basics trucos

After clearing some levels, you can claim the completion rewards. Complete bounty quests to get resource items. Saving the world is no easy task. Clear wonder Pagoda for the first time to acquire massive tier up stones. You will need help from heroes. Summon them now. Tap hero platform to summon heroes. Characters cna become stronger by leveling up. You can perform quick battle once for free everyday.

enter cheat (Call of Myth Origin gift codes):
upgrade trucos - wypw8co9M
level up - 8UdustK3t
daily pack - enter pass 1n2ZkNpPZ
admin account - yzDxpbuna
Month Card x1 - N4abx2X7H
booster pack - khH4jqhDq
evolve - qnSLi7KqG
enhance - dy4LijDnh
Artifact reset will return all the resources except for gold. Inventory - all the items that you've looted from your pet is stored here. You can clean up your inventory by discarding items, one way is to click the discard buttons under your inventory. You can also discard a single item by dragging it to the trash slot.

Call of Myth Origin Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. There is no punishment time for the first you leaving a clan, you can join other clans immediately.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Call of Myth Origin cheat code - give: tier up stone, gold, ingot, shard, bounty order, tier up stone, advanced summoning, daily activity, star up, craft materials, weapon, clothes, helmet, shoes, tier up, artifact
3. Use quick battle to get 120 minutes of idle rewards. Activate quick battle privileges: 3 free quick battles per day and 11 extra purchases. Remember, the stronger the hero, the faster he can beat the boss. Crafting gears can aslo increase the strength of your heroes.

Hack tools Version:


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