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Game story

Welcome, general! I will assist you in your first steps in office. The world is at war. As leader you have to defend your people. Your country has multiple provinces, and your amies are stationed within. Our province has been conquered by the enemy. Order your troops to recapture province. Tap on your army to select it. Select the attack command. Now select the target province. Morale is down after the battle. Increasing it will boost productivity and prevent riots. Use your gold to boost morale to 100%. Now research new technologies to improve your armies. Let us start by researching infantry and armored cars.

Call of War WW2 Hack Basics trucos

Infantry - is a defensive unit and the base unit of every army. It is cheap and easy to produce and important to conquer cities. Infantry is best used to defend against unarmored units. Armored car - are fast defensive units, which can be quickly moved from province to province defense against incoming attacks. With their high view range they are also well suited to scout out enemy troop movement.

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Armored cars are strong against unarmored units - scout. Armored cars can reveal hidden land units with the same or lower level. Excellent, you can research many different unit types with different strength and weaknesses. Keep in mind that you can recruit units only in urban provinces. Construct barracks now so you can recruit infantry. Continue to research new technologies, construct more buildings and produce new units.

Call of War WW2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Conquer the whole map by land, sea and air to win this game round. Research - be the first to develop secret weapons. Diplomacy - make friends with other human players and forge mighty coalitions.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, morale, research, resources, speed up, starter pack, off ads, premium commander, elite troops, title, multiplayer mode
3. Play more maps - join new game rounds to play different nations in many different scenarios. Play everywhere - play with the same account on PC, tablet and mobile phone.
4. Starter pack - hack your exclusive pack to receive a large amount of bonus gold and 1 month of high command membership for free.

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