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Candy Land Adventures hack cheat code List

candy - use hack 2ZobpcyzV
daily pack - enter pass TibkhVsqE
exclusive outfit - rUQojqeo2
off ad - vsvmjjfkS
booster pack - ygeEmO9Rv
speed up - rJMrcQogY
Month Card x1 - hY70XO4H4
upgrade - FOf7Sw4RK
daily gift bag x10 - xFF89tAx3
secret combination code - Y2gGGmxnE
welcome package - nLDOP4wR1
legendary chest - 1KXR4XVGW
double income - Rj02MlztA
weekly box - 9iqeLsFYy
diamonds - 7yilA4apz
cash - xTbC7tJUj

Candy Land Adventures use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

For a long time the Nammis lived happily and in harmony with each other, producing candies and enjoying their lives. But one day a business man from far away spotted the island and smelled big business. He stole all their recipes and destroyed the factories, so that the Nammis no longer could produce their beloved Candies. But one of the Nammis, the tribal elders, can still remember the recipes and is ready to reveal them to you. If you rebuild the city in return and lead the Nammis back to their old prosperity.

Candy Land Adventures Hack Basics

Build your first factory - this is where the sweets are produced. Let you unit pick up the candy. Tap on the train to transport to the harbor. Now the sweets only have to be sent around the world. Managers help you with your work. Hire them to automate the process. If you want to double your income, use boost. Tailoring - here you can make outfits for your workers. Each outfit consists of 4 different pieces that you can find in the boxes.

Hint & Tips

1. Come back every day for better rewards. Tell me "hello" when i come over and maybe i have a small gift for you.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: candy, exclusive outfit, speed up, off ad, welcome package, legendary chest, double income, diamonds, cash
3. Super candy are used to unlock new buildings and take care of your workers. Upgrade different parts of your super candy machine to boost your production.

Candy Land Adventures Hack tools Version:


Candy Land Adventures Redeem code - premium gift box

1. k3gMMXD20e5KHE5
2. vfLetsgYdySryQe
3. YWXcMHezmuvUJvH
4. NcoiUcuNZqEj9bb
5. 0FKhKzuzV5mpFY5
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