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Cardaclysm Game story

Pick up these Golden Runes! Golden Runes are your primary resource. You will need them to summon creatures and cast spells. Every time you enter battle, you start that battle with the collected amount of golden runes and it is replenished after winning the battle. Summon a creature. Place your Dire Wolf to one of the empty slots on the battlefield. Attack your enemy with your Dire Wolf by selecting your creature and then confirming the target. Choose to end your turn now. The enemy will attack your wolf and your wolf will retaliate. Cast a spell - Select your Flamespark and then the enemy to unleash this spell on him.

Cardaclysm Hack Basics trucos

Soul Orbs are your secondary resource. Orbs are rare, you can only find a few of them in the realms. Orbs are used exclusively to summon creatures, it costs between 1-3 orbs to summon one. Upgrade your creature - Place your second Dire Wolf on top of the already summoned one. This will level up your wolf to become an Ice Wolf. Don't forget to attack by selecting your creature and then the target! You still have creatures that haven't attacked. Are you sure you wish to end your turn? You've acquired your precious book of magic! Open it now to take a look at your deck of currently available cards.

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Upgrade cards - Some cards can be upgraded if you own duplicates of them. Select your Flamespark to upgrade it now. Not all cards can be upgraded, some only have 1 level. Cards you can upgrade are always highlighted for you. Build a deck - Add 14 cards to the left to build your deck. You can only close the Book of Magic once your deck has 14 cards in it. You can't have more than 3 identical cards in your deck. Collect Golden Runes and Soul Orbs to increase your maximum resources! You start each battle with the amount indicated at the bottom. Choose cards you want to discard from your starting hand!

Cardaclysm Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Open your book of magic to upgrade Scorpid! Remember: upgraded creatures are always more powerful, but also cost more to summon.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Cardaclysm cheat code - give: artifact, golden runes, soul orb, treasure chest, keys, legendary card, promote, battle pass, shards, craft material, admin panel, off ads, gift box
3. Scorpid - The attacked creature takes 1 damage at the end of each turn.
4. The Cursed Being has caught up with you - run, mortal! Grab the red key and exit the portal or dare to face the Wretched!
5. Artifact - You've found an inventory item! Simply touch the Wooden Staff to pick it up. Open the Inventory and equip the item you've just found! Equip artifact - Drag the Wooden Staff onto your wizard to equip it!

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