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perks - XqLA2LfKt
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buildings - dIplQFIsg
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Game story

This land takes blood as payment for riches beyond your wildest dreams. Dig deep, dream big. Simple horticulture I - using dirty money, build 3 farms within range of the reidence. Using dirty money, build warehouse that services the farm, within the radius of the residence. Connect the warehouse and the farms with roads. The residence contains your stat-up capital - tens of thousands in dirty money. Use this money to build your production capabilities. To start construction, select the building you require, place it within the radius of the residence, and connect them with roads. Farm - an area of land producing legal and illegal crops. Warehouse - collection and distribution point for raw materials and goods between production location and smuggling points.

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Simple horticulture II - move Cesar to the warehouse using his lieutenant's general abilities. Deliver opium to the Aerodrome using lieutenant's general abilities. Set te aerodrome as a destination for any warehouse. Deliver opium to the aerodrome using the warehouse. Smuggling points - aerodromes, seaports and checkpoints - are locations where you can turn produce into dirty money. A warehouse will automatically service any farms in its radius. To service a farm outside its radius, you must select it as a destination via the warehouse menu. Build farms where efficiency is highest to maximize your yield.

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upgrade trucos - 63g66RL1F
level up - DVOoq73FF
daily pack - enter pass gDcCsdwzX
admin account - wXjUyMAhX
Month Card x1 - CUs3L5DwO
booster pack - fT8ZYtSSy
evolve - PQTf5xYtW
enhance - CEIqlCBtW
You can only sell illegal goods through aeromes, and you'll receive dirty money in return. You can purchase buildings with unique benefits in cities. The number of buildings that can be built varies from city to city. Ara depot - a hub used to purchase and store legal and illegal resources. Taxi company - launders dirty money that lieutenants or the residences deliver from smuggling points. Clean hands - build a taxi company in the city of Amado. using Cesar, transport dirty money from aerodrome to the taxi company. Turn on the taxi company.

Cartel Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Building and paying upkeep with dirty money is more involved. But, if managed well, it saves a lot of time and leaves your legal money available for when it is needed most. Consider your options and remain flexible.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legal money, increase power, abilities, perks, unlock territory, full version, increase storage, buildings, smuggling points, attention start off/on
3. Recruits: hire a lieutenant at the residence maintain at least 2 lieutenants in the cartel. Increase your lieutenant's allegiance by increasing their upkeep.
4. Characters: Vanessa Diaz - hired killer. Obeys without question. Perhaps Vanessa's heart was stolen long ago, but it's possible that she never owned one. Stealthy and viscious, she has never yet been caught. Tony Wuintero - this guy is so big and menacing that his very pressence is often enough to subdue opponents. His cold, piercing stare has been know to bring hardened criminals to their knees, trembling with fear. It's best to let someone else do the talking though. Ahiga Wilson - the Wilson family has farmed this land for generations, defending it fiercely when necessary. After witnessing their struggle, Ahiga wants to get rich, and get the hell out. He's willing to work hard and get his hands dirty for a better future. Griselda - years ago, Sehora lost her little brother to a stray bullet, leading her to campaign for pacifism, and gun control. The Alcazar family owns the biggest storage facility networks south of the border. A powerful woman, with a broken heart.

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