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gold coins - use PuttaeBRO
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Castle Craft starter package - tD62cY2Xz
admin panel - aZW8St7DA
rubies - hjaJJPMFX
legendary card - use RM5ajE3vW
gems - m4HwNzEdb
shards - JPZvTqwY4
enhance - zVnL0A8pg

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Castle Craft Game story

Do you want to hear an old tale? In the begginning, there were six races on the Continent of Adrana. Among them, the Demons ruled over the continent with their powerful magic and brutish strength. But one day Human slave found something by pure chance, which changed the history of the land. The Moon's Tear - a legendary relic that grants its owner knowledge and power that transcends eras. The human slave who now had legendary powers drove out the demons, and it seemed the land would find peace...Yet the peace which was easily achieved did not last long. With the demons gone, the foolish humans started warring against each other to reign supreme. One day, as bloody wars continued to rage across the continent, an object of blue light fell from the northern sky with a thunderclap. The moon's tear had returned to this world once again. And since then...The age of Expedition to possess the moon's tear began. What do you think? Perhaps you would like to go on an expedition with me now?

Castle Craft Hack Basics trucos

Hello! You must be the Conqueror. I'll get to serve from today. The enemy's Castle is nearby. Looks like he is ready to fight! Shall we learn step by step how to destroy the enemy's castle? Buildings can be build on your territory. When you build a camp, your territory expands. To fight, you must produce mana, build a mana Refinery. The enemy is attacking! Add cards and fight back!

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upgrade trucos - ZtDalwtpX
level up - FISgq0BUb
daily pack - enter pass GaT68vJlg
admin account - LPVJOv5Mq
Month Card x1 - kWQcBlO7m
booster pack - VpQS7mSc4
evolve - UeQAb9CPQ
enhance - sh4dm9Cqx
Show your strength in the guild. Join a guild and receive rubles. Earn Daily Support Box and additional gifts. Join forces with your guild members and win the competition. Conquer an area and earn fame. Can use guild from Castle level 2.

Castle Craft Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you enhance a card, it will become stronger.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Castle Craft cheat code - give: gold coins, card box, secret mission, legendary package, conqueror's box, rubies, legendary card, gems, shards, enhance, off ads.
3. Legendary Package 1 - Upon purchasing all, you will receive 3 additional Legendary cards.
4.Conqueror's Box - A Legendary Card guaranteed, can receive an additional Legendary Card every 10th purchase.
5.Dragon - An air unit with high health. Deals powerful area damage from a distance.

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Castle Craft Redeem code - premium gift box 20.06.2021

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