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vip privilege - use hack a9bEZOB7P
daily pack - enter pass Q0s8CRDJv
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Month Card x1 - hQNulBSZk
level up - EyBiZ92Zb
fragments - snWvOmxQA
auto clicker - 7WM3MyNyS
daily gift bag x10 - rR7MTFwkI
treasure chest, - 1whkddxHy
increase stats - UVopGIoYS
hard mode - E0dqRV2iY
upgrade - uj7TOwi2R
level up - lLQ0nhJrI
premium unit - bsHfjyHOW

CastleOfOz use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I am IT dog. I found that you lost the concience so i tried to wake you up. I suggest you to ask for the help of Oz, who is living in 500/F. I would like to be more courageous as well. Let's go downstair together. In order to get down there, you need the army forces by tapping anywhere on the screen to summon them. You can upgrade my ability using gem as well as the army ability using money. So our aim is to keep going downstair. Each floor has a guardian to defend. Let's build a strong team to defeat it. Now, i will introduce you how to make the team stronger.

CastleOfOz Hack Basics

First of all, this is the reward button. You can get the reward after a period of time. The fragment button - you can upgrade your army using coins. THe setting button - you can set the language, audio, and sound right there. Last but not least, this is the shop button. You can upgrade the heroes using gems. Leadership - the total number of horde is 5. Next level will increase the total number of horde. Attack aura - the min attack of all allies is 5. Strength training - the max attack of all allies is 6. 1 coin can be gained for 1 damage. Economics - coin gained by hit, kileld, reward or treasure is multiplied by 103%.

Hint & Tips

1.Me - the hordes can be summon by tapping the screen. The damage of the hordes is multiplied by 100%.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: vip privilege, gems, coins, treasure chest, increase stats, premium unit, fragments, auto clicker
3. Vip - permanently skip all mandatory advertisement forever. The max level of all skills increase from 30 to 300.

CastleOfOz Hack tools Version:


CastleOfOz Redeem code - premium gift box

1. FJOYd5oIY4OL1gB
2. RXkA2qYGjGob2it
3. A5C8oUInz8bDOuH
5. q5CLfA3FI6jZGe8
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