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Catizens Game story

The citizens panel shows a list of all the citizens in your town. You can use it to quickly select a specific cat. Characters: Leandra- Likes to sleep in beds on upper floors. Gets a mood bonus for the right height of bed, but gets a mood hit if sleep close to the ground. Tommat - Is a good listener and will always have nice chats with others. Will never start fights with other cats, regardless of mood. Scaredy - Will run away from combat if they get hit. Gets Frightened easily, getting a mood hit if they are near enemies.

Catizens Hack Basics trucos

Camera Controls: Rotate - Use Q and E keys or right click and drag. Zoom - Use F and R keys or mouse scroll wheel. Pan - Use the WASD keys or middle click and drag. Controlling a Character: Selecting - Left click on a character to select it. Right click on the ground to tell the selected character to move to that location. Interactions: Attacking - Select the Knight, then right click the enemy Wild Boar to start attacking it. Combat: Knights will continue to atatck until the target is defeated. Defeating an enemy will grant experience to combat units.

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Gathering Loot: The enemy dropped some meat. Right click and select Gather on the meat to collect it as food for the town. Storage Locations: Bring items to a Storage Location to put them into the town's inventory. All storage Locations are linked. Harvesting Resources: Villagers harvest basic resources. Left Click to select the villager. Chopping Trees - Right click to harvest the tree for wood. Keep chopping down trees to gather 10 wood. Villagers can also harvest catnip for food or mine rocks for stone and gold.

Catizens Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Build menu: Click the "Build Menu" button to construct buildings. Simple Cottage - A small cottage that provides housing for one. Two Story Cottage - A two story house with two beds. Left click to place. Esc to cancel. Rotate with keyboard arrow keys or right click. Architects will automatically try to construct placed buildings. Build different structures to inctrease the population cap and popularity of your town.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Catizens cheat code - give: resources, gold, premium troops, treasure chest, artifact, increase stats, speed up, stars, increase popularity, free market, unlock buildings, vip status, full free version.
3. Take a break - Tees this citizen to stop doing work for the next 2 hours. Repeated requests will extend break time. You must meet housing and food requirements to accept a new villager. You can pay gold to view the villager's traits.
4. The goals panel shows a list of things to complete in each level. You can mouse over each goal for more information. One of the goals of every level will be to find the entrance to the next location. Complete all the goals to move on to the next area (Hint: The Knight moves the fastest).
5. Wood Used to build and craft items. Get from chopping down trees. Stone used to build and craft things. Get it from mining rocks. Bread a cooked food made from flour. Increases strength when eaten. Gold bar It's used as money. MARKET - A place where you can trade items.
6. Training Dummy - Allows low level fighters to train for experience from the safety of towns.
7. Remove - Tear down this building. If the bilding is already cunstructed, you will get back 50% of the resources used.
8. Toggle Walls - Toggle between walls up and walls down. Walls down allows you to view inside buildings.

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